Bridge Teachers in Victoria

Detailed information on individual teachers can be found below the table

Individual teachers have provided more information on their services, which they describe below in their own words. You can also email them by clicking on their name.

    • Jim Brackenbury is a certified ACBL and “Better Bridge” (Audrey Grant) teacher. He offers a series of nine-week ACBL courses at Goward House (250-477-4401) starting each January and October, using a “cards-on-the-table” approach, primarily aimed at intermediate or returning players who wish to update their game. The fall 2018 course “Commonly Used Conventions” will be Monday afternoons starting October 15. The January 2019 course, “Play of the Hand” will be Monday afternoons starting January 7th. Register through Goward House at 250-477-4401.
    • Ele Gibson is an ACBL accredited teacher who has been teaching bridge since 1987. She specialises in intermediate players who want to improve on the basics of bidding and defence or want to learn 2/1. Ele is interested in working with small groups (up to 3 tables) for several 2/3 hour sessions which include bidding, play of the hand and defence with a lesson and predealt hands.
    • Delma Murray is the Regional Director for Western Canada of the American Bridge Teachers Association, which is the professional organization for bridge teachers in North America.Delma has been teaching bridge in Victoria for 20 years and is a Gold Life Master, ACBL Accredited 4 Star Bridge Teacher & Director, Better Bridge Accredited Teacher and American Bridge Teachers Association Professional Member. She teaches 5 courses a week for all levels from beginners to advanced players at Monterey Centre in Oak Bay as well as private lessons for groups of 8 or more. Current class offerings at Monterey Centre are listed here.
    • Roy Stefaniec is a Ruby Lifemaster who is TAP certified and will be teaching night classes at Monterey Seniors Center starting in the Fall of 2017. He is the club manager of Island Bridge Club and has been playing duplicate for 20 years.
    • Duncan Smith is a Grand Life Master, the highest rank in the ACBL. He presents a pre-game lesson at 6:30 each Wednesday evening at the Victoria Bridge Centre and at 11:45 each Thursday at Island Bridge Club.
    • Debbie Wastle is a Gold Life Master and ACBL Accredited Teacher with many years experience teaching beginners and intermediate players.  She runs courses periodically throughout the year at Victoria Bridge Centre: look for the next set of lessons on the VBC website under the ‘VBC Lessons’ tab.  She has also taught many ‘Tips for Tops’ sessions at the Sectionals and Regionals.  Debbie’s favourite part of teaching is when a student comes up to her after a game and said that they used her lesson and got a good board!
    • Ewa Zwicky is an accredited teacher who does private lessons for intermediate or advanced players in small groups (4-8). She specializes in teaching 2/1, cuebidding and defence.