It’s Your Call August Results

Participation is holding steady with 40 Unit 431 members participating in the August quiz, same as for July.

Tied for first place with 410 points were Bob Cheeseman and Duncan Smith. A publicly-held draw will determine who gets the free play provided by Unit 431.

And thanks to all participants for playing the game.

If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the September 2017 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around September 1st  (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox a week or two later.

The September edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria will be posted on the website by August 24th. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.

A member has suggested that players might like to explain/justify their bids. We’ll see whether this idea catches fire and for next month we are adding a Comments box for those so moved. Comments will be published with next month’s results.

NameTotal Score
Bob Cheeseman410
Duncan Smith410
janet heino390
Don Copeland380
Margot Northey370
Bill Van Sickle340
John Miller340
Debbie Wastle330
Tony Dason330
denis johnston320
ian kimmerly310
Tony Farr310
Ernie Tradewell300
Name withheld300
Name withheld300
Russell Page300
Rob Feldstein290
Name withheld280
Name withheld280
Daniel Lyder270
Kaye Farmer270
Ray Wickland270
Bree Watts260
Michael Cockerell260
James Macdonnell250
David Todd230
C.Ann Brydon220
mort nelson220
Name withheld220
Holly Boudreau210
Brenda Fos200
derek nurse200
Name withheld200
Name withheld200
Roxy Sandmaier200
Name withheld190
Name withheld170
Audrey Mactier160
Tom Braybrook160
Lou Sandmaier150