It’s Your Call November 2017 Results

39 Unit 431 members participated in the November 2017 quiz.

Duncan Smith won with a total of 450 points (out of a possible 500). To see all results, scroll to bottom of page (after Comments).

If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the December 2017 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around December 1st  (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox a week or two later.

The December edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the December game.


Several players commented on the hands. Here are the comments in no particular order:

Bill Birney: Pre-empting with two suits not advisable. Especially in #4 where you have too few losers to pre-empt.

David Todd: Hand 5 is from a game at Head Street earlier this year. I think 2S is the best call.

Tom Braybrook: #5 is 4th suit forcing…partner has shown some extras – I think we might have game here!

Mike Dorn Wiss had a very detailed analysis:

#1 – Pass. Despite the fave vulnerability and being in third position there is no reason to preempt 2S with a bad suit and a side five suit. Partner may hold spade shortage and club length. The hand may play in either suit, and “coming alive” with this 6-5 is better done if feasible later should the ensuing auction suggest so. Presumably LHO will open, and when the auction gets back me (with partner perhaps overcalling) I will be well placed to support partner preemptively, to enter the auction with an Unusual NT or a cuebid (depending upon the opposing bids), to defend in silence – not announcing a bad break to the opponents, or to penalize them if that seems best. There is no reason to play poker at the bridge table by opening this hand and bidding to hear the sound of my own voice.

#2 – Pass. A takeout double might work out, but a likely club response from partner would leave us in Neverland. With some defense versus 3D I have an easy heart lead and can then decide whether to continue the suit or to switch to a club to angle for a ruff. 3D could very well be making on this hand. Partner may have a balance available, in which case I have an easy cuebid to advance the auction. Sometimes when you’ve been pre-empted you need to stay pre-empted.

#3 – Pass. Partner has a weak hand with hearts and an inability to make a negative double. RHO is sitting in the weeds and waiting to hear a reopening. Had the overcall been 1S I have enough to reverse into 2D, but I do not have enough to bid at the three level, and I have fine defense to spades, and am content with a quiet and likely plus.

#4 – Pass. Opening this hand at any level in any suit is ridiculous. I can easily enter the auction later of feasible or necessary, and in any manner, without deceiving my partner. Similar to hand #1 there is no reason to bid now just to hear my own voice, playing poker while guessing where we may have a fit. Silence now will give me the information I need. This is a partnership game, and I am not about to start lying to my partner by showing an opening of any kind.

#5 – 2S. Unlike a broken record, I do not intend to pass on this final problem. Clearly I cannot bid diamonds at either the two or three level, as the former is game forcing and the latter shows invitational values which this hand does not quite have. Further, the suit sucks. Dropping partner in a possible 4-2 club fit or “preferring” to a 5-1 heart fit is jocular. The ST is a fine card, and I may strike gold when partner has three card support. Even a 5-2 fit will be better than a rounded contract. Should partner be 1=5=2=5 with a soft D honour and choose to chance 2NT (s)he will not be disappointed with my dummy.

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NameTotal Score
duncan smith450
Russell Page430
Roxy Sandmaier430
Mike Black430
David Todd430
David Buckman430
Tom Goodchild420
Ernie Tradewell420
Name not entered410
Name not entered410
Name withheld400
Gary Rosa400
Name withheld390
William Birney390
Tony Farr390
Mort Nelson390
john miller380
Gina Curran380
Bree Watts380
Name withheld370
Rob Feldstein370
Mike Dorn Wiss370
margot Northey370
Brenda Fox370
Name not entered370
Name withheld360
Tom Braybrook350
Lou Sandmaier350
Deb Carnes350
Name withheld340
Name withheld340
Ray Wickland340
heather cozens330
denis johnston310
Daphne Dunbar300
Name withheld290
Name withheld290
ruth cain200
derek nurse190