Masterpoint Milestones

This page keeps a record of Unit 431 members as they attain new masterpoint ranks. It is updated monthly.



July 2017

Ruby Lifemaster:

David Reid

June 2017

Ruby Lifemaster:

Margaret Morrison

Silver Lifemaster:

Roy Banner

May 2017

Gold Lifemaster:

Debbie Mineault

Silver Lifemaster:

Donald Berry

Andrea Miller

Bronze Lifemaster:

Jonathan Gage

Dallas Goodchild


Esther Wiebe

April 2017

Ruby Lifemaster:

Roy Sadd

Bronze Lifemaster:

Linda Ellis

Frank Stanford

March 2017

Gold Lifemaster:

Debbie Wastle

Silver Lifemaster:

Ted Eisner

February 2017

Ruby Lifemaster:

Maxine B Thomas

Silver Lifemaster:

Jim Brackenbury

January 2017

Sapphire Lifemaster:

Keith Dowdall

Ruby Lifemaster:

Jack Morrison

Bronze Lifemaster:

Beth Brathwaite


Janice Stanford

December 2016

Ruby Lifemaster:

David Todd

Silver Lifemaster:

Jan Galenza

November 2016

Gold Lifemaster:


Delma Murray

Silver Lifemaster:
Kinga R Voorhees

Bronze Lifemaster:


Heather Erskine

October 2016

Emerald Lifemaster:


Brian Fraser

Silver Lifemaster:

Connie Setterington

Bronze Lifemaster:


Bree Watts



August 2016

Bronze Lifemaster

● Ann Mazuruk

July 2016

Bronze Lifemaster

● T Barne

● Ivy Pye

June 2016

Gold Lifemaster

J.O. Brodrick

Bronze Lifemaster

● Jack Campbell

April 2016

Silver Lifemaster

● David Ward


● Jack Campbell

March 2016

Ruby Lifemaster

● Danielle Goulet

Bronze Lifemaster

● Sue Foley

Febuary 2016

Silver Lifemaster

● Bob Flitton


● Ann Williams

January 2016

Diamond Lifemaster

Sindy Patterson

Gold Lifemaster

● Thomas Coward

Silver Lifemasters

● Burton Voorhees
● Bill Wastle

December 2015

In December 2015, ACBL added two new ranks, Ruby and Sapphire, hence the large number of newly eligible players in these categories. Follow this link for more information on Masterpoint Ranks.

Ruby Lifemasters

● Roger Allen
● John Brodrick
● Van Buchanan
● Ruth Cain
● Alison Campbell
● Tom Coward
● Helen Davis
● Mike Dickie
● Nicole Dupuis
● Freyja Eddy
● Tony Farr
● Chumi Goldstein
● Mary Hart
● Eve Hoare
● Marnie Hueston
● Robert Mackinnon
● Larry Margetish
● Ouida McCullough
● Axie Millar
● Debbie Mineault
● Delma Murray
● Gail Richardson
● Harry Sadd
● Cary Salmi
● Douglas Scott
● Barbara Stewart
● Jill Stokes
● Koba Ter Neuzen
● Dick Vission
● Debbie Wastle
● Sharon Wilkinson
● Virginia Youens

Sapphire Lifemasters

● Merv Adey
● Douglas Drew
● James Galand
● Ted Heck
● Constance McAvoy
● Sindy Patterson
● Ernie Tradewell
● Mike Dorn Wiss
● Pete Wollner

November 2015

● Silver Lifemaster: David R Reid

October 2015

● Silver Lifemaster: Claire N Ward

● Bronze Lifemasters:

 Diane Moffat

Diane Moffat

 Mitra Shojania

Mitra Shojania

September 2015

  • Nothing to report

August 2015

  • Bronze Lifemaster: Lorna J Smith

July 2015

  • Lifemaster: Jill Stainforth
  • Silver Lifemaster: Barbara Huntington
  • Gold Lifemaster: Tim Ayers

May 2015

  • Lifemaster: Ann Mazuruk
  • Lifemaster: Reta M Morrison
  • Bronze Lifemaster: Anne H Chou
  • Bronze Lifemaster: Neville C Hircock

April 2015

  • Silver Lifemaster: Gayle Goode
  • Gold Lifemaster: Karen H Turner