December Results for It’s Your Call

The December quiz has been compiled and the results are out, just in time for Christmas.

This month’s winner eschews the limelight, so we will keep his or her identity secret. But we can reveal that the winning score was a very respectable 450 out of a possible 500.

The complete list of participants and scores can be found under It’s Your Call-Results (where else?) in the MEMBERS section at the top of the page. For quicker access, follow this link.

Several players have contributed some very interesting comments explaining their choices of bids. Fascinating reading.

For next month’s quiz, the submission form has been tweaked to allow comments to be made directly after each hand. This should make it a little easier for participants to express themselves. To play the January quiz, either click here, or hover your mouse over MEMBERS (at top of page) to see a pull-down menu of choices, one of which is It’s Your Call, Victoria!

The January winner will receive a free play, valid at Capital City Bridge Club, courtesy of Ewa Zwicky.



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