February results for It’s Your Call, Victoria!

There was a three-way tie for first place in the February quiz. 

And out of 36 participants, 13 scored 400 or better. Well done!

The names of the winners as well as the complete list of participants and scores can be found under It’s Your Call-Results in the MEMBERS section at the top of the page. For quicker access, follow this link.

Once there you can also read some very interesting comments by players explaining their choices of bids. If you feel like responding or adding your own comment, just email the webmaster.

And you can also check out our “Reviewing bridge etiquette” feature in the right sidebar.

To play the March quiz, either click here, or hover your mouse over MEMBERS (at top of page) to see a pull-down menu of choices, one of which is It’s Your Call, Victoria!

And last but not least, here’s an observation and a tip:

In the February quiz, several participants missed out on getting a good score by checking more than one box. You might be considering different bids so please remember to uncheck the no-longer valid boxes. Otherwise, you get a big fat zero for the problem.

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