Matt & Matt explain some of the new laws

As many players know, ACBL recently revised the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, effective September 2017.

The new laws are can be downloaded from ACBL’s website as a pdf document or purchased from Baron Barclay for a modest fee.

However, some might find it rather dry reading. Anticipating this, ACBL has put together a series of short videos where our favourite tournament directors, Matt Smith and Matt Koltnow explain the arcana and minutia of the new laws on oft-committed breaches such as revokes, bids and leads out of turn, claims and concessions. While these videos appear to be aimed primarily at tournament and club directors, players may also find them useful in understanding their rights and obligations.

Specific information on important changes in the laws can also be found in Matt Smith’s column, Ruling the Game on page 36 of the November 2017 Bridge Bulletin.