Record crop of masterpoint achievements in April

Twenty-one Unit 431 members ascended the masterpoint rankings in April.

Complete details can be found (where else?) on our Masterpoint Milestones page under the Members section.

A few highlights:

Ernie Tradewell became a DIamond Life Master (5000 MPs) and is ranked among the top 10 players in our Unit.

Terry Foster simultaneously attained Life Master and Bronze Life Master status. How is this possible? Well, he had accumulated enough points for the latter but was missing a couple of silver points to qualify for Life Master. It’s now a done deal.

In the non-lifemaster categories, there were two new Junior Masters (5 MPs), three Club Masters (20), one Sectional Master (50), eight Regional Masters (100) and two NABC Masters (200). This is very good news for duplicate bridge in the Victoria area as it shows that we have a strong field of newer players who playing regularly and competitively.





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