What’s new for March

Couple of items you might be interested in:

    • Following the election at the AGM, we welcome two new members on the Unit Board, Ann Brydon and Lionel Traverse. You can see the full board, including some cute mug shots, on our Board Members page. If you’re interested in knowing what your Board is up to, check the Board Minutes (under Governance, in the top menu).


    • The Ace of Hearts tournament for players with fewer than 200 masterpoints was held on February 24. See who the winners are on the Tournament Results page. Detailed results are also available.


    • And a reminder that the March It’s Your Call Victoria bidding quiz is now live. It’s a good way to hone your bidding skills and you can play anonymously, avoiding the ignominy and perpetual shame of a poor score (I’m kidding about the last part). Play as many times as you want (only the last entry will count) before March 20 at 9 pm. You probably know by now how to access it (it’s under the Members top menu item) but just to make it easy, click on this link.

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