Stop using the Stop card!

The ACBL Board of Directors has voted overwhelmingly to eliminate the Stop card after January 1, 2018. Although this decision applies specifically to sanctioned tournaments, clubs are encouraged to remove Stop cards from bidding boxes.

Players are reminded of the obligation to pause in the direct seat after a skip bid so as to avoid making unauthorized information available to their partner. And they should strive to maintain an even tempo during the auction. (see the Bridge Bulletin, Sept 2017, p 23)

My personal observation is that the Stop card is hardly used at Victoria clubs, and when it is, it’s mainly by players coming from other locations.

So it won’t be much of a change for most of us.

The Victoria bridge community mourns the loss of Merv Adey

We are all saddened by the death of Merv Adey on August 19. Merv was a man of many talents. In addition to being a keen bridge player, director and teacher he was a respected observer of the BC political scene.

Here are some relevant articles from the blogging community:

Tribute by Charlie Smith

Goodbye from Laila Yuile

Tribute by Norman Farrell and link to KEEP A LIGHT ON – MERV ADEY MEMORIAL Fund.

Victoria players who wish to post a tribute or share memories of Merv are invited to send their text for publication on this website. Please send submissions to the webmaster. They will be added as received.


Tributes from Victoria players

What a nice man, a true gentleman!!  He will be truly missed by all who knew him.
Lainey Clark

I first met Merv when I was a fledgling duplicate bridge player over 20 years ago. He was working at Tanner’s Books in Sidney but he managed to play bridge in Victoria often.Years go by and Merv purchased the VBC on Head Street from Frank Ayers. The club quickly transitioned to a place where players of all levels were welcomed.

More years go by and I became Unit President. I saw the potential and skills Merv had to offer as a Tournament Director and with his permission I submitted a request from the Unit Board to ACBL to recommend his appointment as a TD. Eventually this came about and all players benefitted from his knowledge and gentle ways.

As well, during my tenure, ACBL’s Zero Tolerance Policy came into effect. The clubs were required to sign on, and even though the VBC under Merv practiced ZT, Merv signed on formally to ZT.

As a Club Director and a TD Merv went beyond fair. Always non-judgemental, always just to all players regardless of level, always displaying his unique sense of humour.

Merv and I had many quiet talks after games.We discovered a shared love of author John Irving, and years later we attended a film presentation where the author talked about his life and his writings. A great memory!

Merv and I shared political philosophies. His blog, his letters to the editor, his Facebook posts, all respectful, concise and passionate. He walked the walk and took actions to make this little piece of earth a better place. He was respected by all who came to know him. Premier Horgan has expressed his sorrow at hearing the sad news of Merv’s passing.

We have all lost a true friend. Very few people touch our lives in a meaningful way. Merv was one who touched the lives of all who knew him.

Van Buchanan

Merv Adey was responsible for an influx of new bridge players, including myself, when he hired Rita Beny to teach Easy Bridge at the Victoria Bridge Centre. By providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere he encouraged the newer players to get out and play against the “big guys.” He sponsored the Unit Mentor game and at our request, split the Saturday night team game into two sections to encourage novices to come out and play.

Merv was always a true gentleman whether he was playing bridge or directing a game. He was always ready to answer questions and provide advice including sending me several submissions for the Bridge Buzz. RIP Merv. You will be truly missed.

Leslie Wood

What a beautiful, wonderful, kind and humble human being our Merv was!! Victoria’s ACBL community, indeed, was fortunate with Merv taking over the helm of the Victoria Bridge Centre during the incoming 21st Century; attracting and increasing memberships. We will miss his quirky laugh, his calm flair on a director call. Could go on and on…

We cherish your memory, Merv.

Bye Dear Friend,

Sindy Patterson

The day I moved to Victoria in 1986, my friend Muriel Adey dropped by to invite my family to join her family for dinner, and that included her son Merv, so he was the first bridge player I met in Victoria. Since then I grew to respect Merv for his intelligence, consideration for others, and especially his skills at bridge. He was an excellent player, a director who always treated players with fairness and courtesy, and a teacher with a faithful following. He did most of his teaching online on BBO, where he was known as SWERVE. He could be seen on BBO right to the end, and earned over 2,100 masterpoints playing online with students and friends. I am proud to have had Merv as a friend and will miss him terribly.

Delma Murray

I had the privilege of playing with Merv in Mike Ainsley’s evening mentor game. I only knew Merv as a bridge director and was nervous at the prospect of playing with such an accomplished player. After a few boards, Merv put me totally at ease. At the end of the game it was late and Merv said to email him a few questions and he would answer them. I did that and his answers showed me not only his talent for bridge but for writing as well. He ended by saying we will do it again . . . I am so sad that I will not have that chance.

A phrase I learned that night that I often quote – remember, if you are going down “save the furniture”.

Thinking of you

Heather Cozens

As Van says, all players benefitted from Merv’s knowledge and gentle ways.
I cannot go into detail, but there were a couple of occasions when Merv showed me that it’s more than just who’s right or wrong.

Merv always answered my email questions about bidding or playing, and with great advice.
A real class guy who will be missed.

So long Merv.

Bill Birney

NABC Online Gold Points – survey results

As a reminder, for the first time ACBL is hosting an NABC Online Individual event that allows you to play online and earn gold points. It is a four-day, four-session Bridge Base Online (BBO) robot duplicate event running from July 23 to 26. You need to preregister and can do so starting July 9. Full details are found on ACBL by clicking here.

We ran a quick survey to see what Victoria players thought of the idea. Out of 17 respondents, 4 indicated they would play, 7 declined and 6 were uncertain.

One respondent disagreed with the idea of gold points being available online. Another was going to the tournament in TO and therefore “would not be wearing pajamas” (thank goodness).

The survey is still on the website should you want to contribute you 2 cents’ worth to the debate. Look under Recent Posts” for “Get gold points in your PJs”.


New(ish) look to website

Sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed the website looks a bit different. I thought that after two years, a facelift was in order.

The content is unchanged but I’m using a new theme (WordPress uses  “themes” to set the overall appearance of websites) with more readable fonts and a cleaner look. I’ll be tweaking the look further in upcoming weeks. And although I’ve temporarily removed the heading pictures, they should eventually be back.

Feel free to send me your comments (both positive and negative) and suggestions at

JP Weber,
Webmaster, Unit 431

Get gold points in your pyjamas!

Most bridge players are aware that this summer’s NABC is being held in Toronto, July 20-30.

What you might not know is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to earn gold or red points. For the first time, ACBL is hosting an NABC Online Individual event that allows you to do just that. It is a four-day, four-session Bridge Base Online (BBO) robot duplicate event running from July 23 to 26. You need to preregister and can do so starting July 9. Full details are found on ACBL by clicking here.

As a bonus, no need to pay extra for drinks as they are provided by you, from your own kitchen. And you can also have as many breaks in the game during the day as you need – just keep the game open on your computer.

I’m a bit curious as to whether Victoria bridge players are interested in this type of event. Would you help me out by replying to the very short, anonymous and confidential survey below?

NABC Individual Survey

Please take 10 seconds to complete this survey
Do you intend to compete in the NABC Online Individual event?
Comments (optional)

Ace of Diamonds results

The Ace of Diamonds Sectional for players with fewer than 100 MPs was held today.

Sheila Collye and Sharon Shalinsky, playing N-S were first overall in the morning pairs game while Gillian Mouat and Jo Albinati came first in E-W.

The afternoon Swiss Teams game was won by the team of Audrey Mactier, Aimee Botje, Bakh Dhillon and Douglas Beard.

Detailed results are shown below. Interactive results can be found on Monterey Bridge Club’s website.

Morning Pairs:

Afternoon Swiss Teams