This page last updated: 2020-09-04

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ACBL Unit 431 is a non-profit organization located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We currently have 525 paid-up members, although duplicate bridge players in this area number more than one thousand. Our membership includes several internationally known names, notably one of the most capable and popular tournament directors in North America, Matt Smith.

We promote the game of duplicate bridge in Victoria and the nearby Gulf Islands. Our goals are to serve the needs of our current members, to develop new membership, and to make the game challenging, social, and fun. We organizes several sectional tournaments each year.

Unit 431 is part of ACBL’s District 19 that includes Alaska, BC and Washington.

The organization is directed by an board of interested members elected every two years at the regular AGM. The board holds a minimum of one meeting per calendar quarter. Members are encouraged to submit items for the agenda one week before a meeting. The board plans and directs area tournaments and promotions, deals with policy and ethics issues, and provides a link with other clubs and levels of the ACBL.