Best Unit Christmas Party Ever!

OK, there might be a bit of hyperbole in the title, but we did have a fabulous Christmas party.

Over 120 people enjoyed the pre-dinner entertainment which included the hilarious Yarborough awards, a musical event featuring not three, but four kings of Orient, and a singalong in which everyone joined.

The overall winners of the 2-section bridge game were Ewa Zwicky and Brian Fraser with 66.4%, which gave them an impressive 5.83 MPs. They also get their names engraved on the Sam Duprau Trophy (pictured). 

Unit President JP Weber presents the Sam Duprau Trophy to Ewa Zwicky and Brian Fraser

For a complete pictorial coverage of the Christmas party, please go the Unit’s Facebook page. There are quite a few items (photos and videos), so don’t be afraid to scroll down to see them all.

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