Bridge etiquette

Constant readers (should there be any) will have noticed the right sidebar article on bridge etiquette. There is a lot to say on the topic and I try to change the content from time to time.

For the past couple of months, I had a piece on claims and concessions, arguing that when the conclusion of the game is no longer in doubt, there is no point in playing it out. The player in position to do so (generally the declarer) should claim or concede as soon as possible.

I’ve now gone back to basics with a series of Do’s and Don’ts, which most might agree with. If you don’t, let me know, and I’ll post your arguments.

My favourite of them all:

  • DO NOT delay the bidding or play by doing some distracting thing (including writing on your convention card or posting the contract in the Bridgemate) when it is your turn to do something).

This is especially true when you’re on lead. Take example on our dear departed friend Bela. As soon as the bidding is over, place your card face down. You should be able to remember the contract for the next few seconds and write it down once play has started.

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