It’s Your Call April 2020 Results

We had a record participation this month with 52 players submitting results. And, once more, we have a 3-way tie for first place.

The winners are (in alphabetical order) Don Copeland, Sheldon Spier and Bree Watts who scored 420 (out of a possible 500) and are each awarded a free game certificate, valid at local clubs, courtesy of Unit 431. They might not get to use them for a little while, though.

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If you would like to know how the experts bid on these deals, open the May 2020 Bridge Bulletin to page 40. The e-version should be available around May 3 (logon to MyACBL on ACBL’s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The May 2020 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members may participate.  Click here to play the current game.


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Problem 1

  • Rita Beny: 2N – Not the strongest 10 points but playing in NT means the QJ of D are now working values
  • John Miller: – Not strong enough for 2NT
  • Leo Resk: 2N – Show what you have, 10-12 balanced with diamonds stopped.
  • Duncan Smith: 2H – Guarantees 4S & 2H . Possibly an underbid. Pass too speculative , 2NT misdirected
  • Sheldon Spier: 2N – A bit overbid, but hand is no trumpish. 2H is possible, but likely to get overruffed in D

Problem 2

  • Rita Beny: 4D – No preempt over a preempt so shows a stronger hand then a 3 D over all. I’d prefer to dbl then convert partners S response to D – would show H & longer D
  • Leo Resk: Double – Will bid 4d over 3s response and bid 4c if partner bids 3h hearts or 3d diamonds.
  • Duncan Smith: 3N – Pragmatic .
  • Sheldon Spier: Double – If Pd bids go to D

Problem 3

  • Rita Beny: 4H – Partner is short in S with a 6 card H suit that was too weak to open. Their points should be in H &D which I have great support for. Losers are 1 S/ 1C/ 1 in a red suit
  • John Miller: 4S – partner as some values somewhere, they aren’t in hearts and not likely in clubs
  • Leo Resk: 3D – Show a good overcall with spades and diamonds. Might find 3nt, 4h, 4s or 5d.
  • Duncan Smith: 4C – We’ll play 4H or 4S . ( or defend 5C X ) . Second choice=4H .
  • Sheldon Spier: Double – A DSI X

Problem 4

  • Rita Beny: 2C – Free bid so shows solid opener. 100% forcing because is opponents suit. Denies 3 card S support – no support double. Leaves the door open for partner to bid NT if they can stop D – I don’t like bidding NT with only Ax in an opponent’s suit
  • Leo Resk: 2C – Describe what I got and compete in freely showing a decent hand vul.
  • Duncan Smith: 2C – I also would do this without X .
  • Sheldon Spier: 2C – To much to pass. Can’t xx.

Problem 5

  • Rita Beny: Pass – We’re on a miss fit. Partner has 5/4 in D/H. She was intending on bidding Hs with her rebid. My S holding should be worth 2? tricks and an initial C lead could start a forcing defence
  • Leo Resk: Pass – A likely misfit and partner could be void in clubs. 3nt is tempting but take a plus.
  • Duncan Smith: Pass – 3NT may make , but I usually pass partner’s penalty doubles .
  • Sheldon Spier: 4C – 3NT?…maybe makeable game. We have many losers…so maybe only 4C. Pd will raise with values.


NameTotal Score
Don Copeland420
Sheldon Spier420
Bree Watts420
Janette Magne410
Duncan Smith410
Dick Dixon390
Leo Resk380
Gina Curran370
Bob MacDonald370
Audrey Mactier370
David Todd370
Ed Blumenthal360
Shelley Burnham360
Scott Miller360
Eleanor Calder350
Heather Davies350
James Macdonnell350
Name withheld by request340
Name withheld by request340
roger patterson340
Gay Miller330
Sophie Watt330
Rita Beny320
Holly Boudreau320
Bob Cheeseman320
HEATHER Duncan320
mort nelson320
Name withheld by request310
Tony Farr310
Brenda Fox310
Name withheld by request300
miike Black300
Peter Lighthall300
Name withheld by request290
Edmund Patterson290
mike ainsley280
Michael Cockerell280
David Buckman270
Tony Dason270
Deb Carnes260
Joan McLeod260
susan breiddal250
Russ Etherington240
Rob Feldstein240
C.Ann Brydon230
bill gibson230
Bob Sommerhalder220
Name withheld by request180
Name withheld by request140
John Miller140
Joan Hall80
Name withheld by request40
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