It’s Your Call February 2020 Results


We had a record participation of 54 players in the February quiz!

John Miller won with 460 points out of a possible 500. He receives a free play, valid at local clubs, courtesy of Unit 431.

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If you would like to know how the experts bid on these deals, open the March 2020 Bridge Bulletin to page 40. The e-version should be available around March 3 (logon to MyACBL on ACBL’s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The March 2020 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the current game.


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Problem 1

  • tommy b: 3C – we are in a game force, so i bid my club ace, next will bid diamonds to show partner 5-4-3-1
  • JEAN HOWELL: 4D – i have 15HCP. Partner has 10+. Together we have 10+ diamonds. I have one spade loser. Partner may have clubs covered and know that I wouldn’t bid that high unless I had spade and heart coverage. Partner’s choice on whether to go to game. With our combined point count at least one of our loyal opponents is not dealing with point count but with distributional points. Also, opponents are vulnerable if it’s my partner with fewer HCP.
  • Gail Richardson: 3C – If your partnership played Western Q, then the bid would be 3S, looking for a stopper in Spades for 3NT.
  • David Todd: 3S – Showing a good hand with diamond support, and bid 4D if pard bids 3NT, I’ll pass 4NT, after 3NT.

Problem 2

  • tommy b: Double – if pard bids spades after his double we will be going places – east at most 5 points, so must have long hearts or wouldn’t bid
  • JEAN HOWELL: 2D – I need 4 spades to bid them. I have weak diamonds but that appears to me to be the best lie.
  • Gail Richardson: 2D – I don’t think I’m quite strong enough to bid 3D, especially with the singleton KH and the Heart bid by East.
  • David Todd: 1N – This is a problem? Round two is the problem.

Problem 3

  • tommy b: 4C – i want pard to know i have a big hand and tell me what else they have for a second suit
  • JEAN HOWELL: 3N – We need to be in game. I am unable to bid 3 spades as partner might pass. I have 2 stoppers in clubs, Partner has hearts. Diamond lead could be a serious problem. Spades should produce at lease 2 tricks.
  • James Macdonnell: 4C – With a strong combined count between North and South, and with South able to control East’s long club suit, slam is worth exploring.
  • Gail Richardson: 3N – My spades are not good enough to bid and I think 3NT is the best, but have we missed a slam???
  • David Todd: 3S – Hope it doesn’t go all pass.

Problem 4

  • JEAN HOWELL: 5S – Partner indicates a 2 suited hand unsuitable for NT but likey has only 3 spades and short in hearts. I have good support in diamonds for transportation to partner’s second suit. A bad spade split will defeat us unless I go in totally prepared for same.
  • Don Nemeth: 4D – game seems a trick too far & p is a much better declarer than I
  • Gail Richardson: 4D – This is a tough one. Obviously my partner has a distributional hand, so I think 3NT would be hard to make. I could leave it at 3S, but there’s still a chance for a game in D’s with my nice support.
  • David Todd: 4S – I’m sure this is an old Sonny Moise hand from the Sixties. We should be able to ruff a heart or two in dummy, the minor suit Jacks are working, Pard is too good to pass 2NT, and is a likely 3-1-5/4

Problem 5

  • JEAN HOWELL: 3H – I need to let partner know I’m interested in a game in spades and do not have a NT hand. Partner and I play support doubles so I know fewer than 3 spades are in that hand. It is now partner’s decision on 3Nt, 4S or pass. East and West may decide to try 4H if their hands are unbalanced. “Life is a gamble”
  • Gail Richardson: 4S – I’m tossed between 3S, 4S and 3NT, but I’m thinking 4S is the best bid.
  • David Todd: 3H – Tough one. 2H doubled can’t get us enough, we can likely make six of either black suit on a good day, lets force first and then rebid the spades, Pard will know what to do. Qx.Qx KQxxx. Kxxx will be a problem for P.


NameTotal Score
John Miller460
Dick Vission450
Duncan Smith440
David Todd420
Gerry MCCULLY410
Sheldon Spier400
Jon Gage390
Bob MacDonald390
Ruth Davies370
Edmund Patterson370
Rob Bradford360
Gail Richardson340
doug smith340
Name withheld330
Michael Cockerell330
Name withheld310
Name withheld310
Name withheld310
susan breiddal310
Eleanor Calder310
Jack Campbell310
Gina Curran310
sylvia fair310
paul flanagan310
Marlene Howell310
Don Nemeth310
Bree Watts310
mort nelson300
Natalie Williams290
Van Buchanan280
David Buckman280
Janette Magne280
Brenda Wilson280
Name withheld270
Name withheld270
Name withheld260
Heather Davies260
Dick Dixon260
C. Ann Brydon250
bill birney250
Cliff Kindree250
Rob Feldstein240
Name withheld220
tommy b220
Tony Farr220
jim alexander210
Scott Miller210
Mike Black200
Holly Boudreau200
Catherine Mustafa200
James Macdonnell170
Name withheld160
lionel Traverse160
Gary Rosa110
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