It’s Your Call January 2021 Results

We had a very good participation for January with 49 players submitting results.

Congratulations to Don Copeland who won for a second month in a row, this time with 470 points out of a possible 500. He receives a free game at VICTORIA CLUBS on BBO.

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If you would like to know how the experts bid on these deals, open the February 2021 Bridge Bulletin around page 40. The e-version should be available before the end of January (logon to MyACBL on ACBL’s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The February 2021 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Victoria area players are invited to participate.  Click here to play the current game. 


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Problem 1

  • David Todd: Pass – Pass. I don’t see a source of tricks for 1NT. Can’t double, they might make 1 diamond.
  • sheldon spier: Pass – i’ve already told my story. let pd decide

Problem 2

  • David Todd: 4S – Cue bid. We must have a fit and a slam somehere. Why are they only at 3S?, is partner the dreaded 4432.
  • sheldon spier: 4S – on the way to some slam
  • James Macdonnell: 4N – If North bids 5 Clubs (no ace) then South can leave it there. If North has the Ae of Spades, South can try a slam in Clubs.
  • Nev Hircock: 4H – with 18 hcp and a spade viod – don’t mind a Moysian fit

Problem 3

  • David Todd: 3C – Two opening bids.
  • sheldon spier: 3C – imps vul.. need to stretch for game. i don’t like the single D. 3C does not necessarily show clubs.
  • Lynne Urner: 3C – NMF
  • Nev Hircock: 2N – 11 hcp invitational

Problem 4

  • David Todd: 4D – 3NT might make, 4D must be forcing and describes this hand. A minor suit game or slam is likely.
  • sheldon spier: 4D – pd has 3 or fewer S’s. we’re not playing in 3NT, though some wasted values. show shape here
  • James Macdonnell: Pass – 3NT is probably the best contract here, and with North as declarer, West will not be leading through his Spade holding on the opening lead at least.
  • Nev Hircock: Pass – Ptr doesn’t have a 4 card Spade suit but must have a stopper and 7 tricks in the minors

Problem 5

  • David Todd: Pass – Support double, no support, penalty double, no diamonds, negative double!, this is not a negative double situation. Though I know many who think it is. Pass or 3C.
  • sheldon spier: Pass – pass or 3C. we still may have a H fit and 3C loses it. I can’t reverse.
  • Nev Hircock: Pass – can’t reverse – on a misfit – gives ptr a chance to raise to 3C


NameTotal Score
Don Copeland470
Jon Gage450
Name withheld430
John miller430
Michael Cockerell430
glen thornborough420
Shelley Burnham410
David Todd410
Joan Byrne410
Joan McLeod410
sheldon spier410
C Ann Brydon400
Dick Vission400
Mike Ainsley400
Name withheld390
Name withheld390
Sophie Watt390
Scott Miller390
Name withheld380
susan breiddal380
John Billett380
Name withheld370
Gina Curran370
Bob MacDonald370
Rob Feldstein360
Russell Page360
Eleanor Calder350
bill birney350
Bree Watts340
Gary Rosa340
Name withheld330
nancy baal330
Lynne Urner330
Cliff Kindree320
Mike Black320
Edmund Patterson320
Peter Lighthall320
Name withheld310
James Macdonnell310
Madeleine Tremblay310
Name withheld300
Nev Hircock300
mort nelson290
Shelley Evans290
Heather Davies280
Janette Magne280
Margot Northey280
Brenda Fox260
Name withheld220
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