It’s Your Call July 2020 Results

Forty-eight players submitted results for July.

The winner is Bob MacDonald with an almost perfect score of 490 (out of a possible 500). This is Bob’s third time winning since June 2019. The prize is a free game at VICTORIA CLUBS on BBO.

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If you would like to know how the experts bid on these deals, open the August 2020 Bridge Bulletin around page 40. The e-version should be available by August 1 (logon to MyACBL on ACBL’s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The August 2020 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members may participate.  Click here to play the current game. 


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Problem 1

  • Duncan Smith: 3C – Catering to Jxxxx xxx Axxx x
  • Sheila Kaye: 4S – Since partner can’t have more than 8 points for his 1 level response to the double, slam is not an option.
  • Gayle Good: 4S – Why wouldn’t South just bid 1 Spade instead of doubling on the 1st round?
  • nancy baal: 4S – losers in clubs, prd may be void, kd; 2-3 losers.
  • James Macdonnell: 4S – Signing off at 4 spades is advisable, since there is a danger that west is void in clubs and can ruff the opening club lead. If East also has the Ace of diamonds east-west can score the first three tricks.
  • Van Buchanan: 5C – Want to bid 3NT but the double on my right stopped me. Tempted to bid 6C.

Problem 2

  • Duncan Smith: 3N – What I’d have bid on previous round
  • Sheila Kaye: 3N – Assuming partner’s 3 S shows a spade stopper.
  • nancy baal: 3N – 2spade bid?? asking for stopper? guess at 3nt
  • Peter Lighthall: 3N – 3NT is a gamble with the short heart suit, but probablythe best chance for game

Problem 3

  • Duncan Smith: 3S – Not sure where , but we’ll bid game
  • nancy baal: Pass – no suit. dbl higher bid of H or S

Problem 4

  • Duncan Smith: 2H – Same comment as # 3
  • Van Buchanan: 3D – Sheesh!

Problem 5

  • Duncan Smith: 3H – Matchpoints is a crazy game. Not waiting for text book 3H bid
  • nancy baal: 1H – club void eliminates a 3H bid as opener.
  • Bill Birney: 3H – 6 losers, vulnerable down 2


IYC scores
NameTotal Score
Bob MacDonald490
dick vission470
Name withheld460
Tony Farr450
Michael Cockerell440
Susan Breiddal430
Jack Campbell430
Dick Dixon420
Mike Ainsley410
Don Copeland410
John Miller410
Russell Page400
Duncan Smith400
Name withheld390
Name withheld390
Name withheld390
Name withheld380
Shelley Burnham380
Scott Miller380
Sheldon Spier380
Brenda Fox370
Sophie Watt370
Name withheld360
Gail Argatoff360
Cliff Kindree360
nancy baal340
glen thornborough340
Heather Davies330
Peter Lighthall330
James Macdonnell330
Norra Mirosevic330
Delma Murray320
mort nelson320
lionel traverse320
Bree Watts310
Bill Birney300
Bob Cheeseman300
russ etherington300
Edmund Patterson300
David Buckman290
Gina Curran290
Janette Magne290
Elaine Mauger270
Gary Rosa260
ed blumenthal250
Tony Dason240
Van Buchanan220
Rob Feldstein180
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