It’s Your Call June 2020 Results

We had an excellent response this month with 52 players submitting results. And there was a tie for first place.

The winners are Mort Nelson and a player who chose to remain anonymous with an impressive score of 480 (out of a possible 500). The prize for winning is a free game at VICTORIA CLUBS on BBO.

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If you would like to know how the experts bid on these deals, open the July 2020 Bridge Bulletin to page 40. The e-version should be available around July 1 (logon to MyACBL on ACBL’s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The July 2020 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members may participate.  Click here to play the current game.


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Problem 1

  • nancy baal: 5D – spade void is worth 5hcp, prd’s diamonds should contain face cards.
  • Bob MacDonald: 3D – Willing to play in diamonds. Happy to hear some thing else if partner has it. I certainly don’t want to play in spades doubled. Don’t preempt a preempt
  • Nazmudin Rayani: 2D – support D
  • Leo Resk: 5D – The vul is right for 5 diamonds and little defence against 4 spades.
  • Sheldon Spier: 5D – I don’t see slam. They’re almost certainly bidding 4S
  • David Todd: 5D – 5D, not gonna pass their 4S so 5D now.
  • lionel Traverse: 5D – pre empting 4S by opps

Problem 2

  • Bob MacDonald: Pass – I would not have bid one no trump. But given that, I’ll probably pass the double and see what happens
  • Nazmudin Rayani: 2S – have to BID, 2S, opener has C, S 6-10pts, N X pts
  • Leo Resk: 2D – Partner something like 3532 shape where he didn’t double 1 club. Bid 2 d to play.
  • Sheldon Spier: Pass – I don’t see game here, and likely they’re 2+ down
  • David Todd: Pass – Hard to guess what game to bid, or if it makes, we should beat 2C.
  • lionel Traverse: 5C – p’s points got to be in unbid suites. even Vuln should make 5C

Problem 3

  • nancy baal: 5D – shows 5-6 spades and 5 diamonds; many hcp’s
  • Bob MacDonald: 5D – Well that went by quickly. I had better show a strong two suiter. If it’s a misfit, too bad
  • Nazmudin Rayani: 5C – 16pts QC, 1H
  • Leo Resk: 4S – Don’t want to bid 5d if partner something like 2227 shape.
  • Sheldon Spier: 5D – Shows strong 2 suiter…probably raise pd’s choice to 6..
  • David Todd: 5n – Do we have a game or a slam, do we even have a fit, double for now, let partner work it out.
  • lionel Traverse: 6C – superb holding in unbid suites. one loser only, p must have a hude C to start at 4C.

Problem 4

  • nancy baal: 2S – prd may have 5-9 hcp’s with 4 spades.
  • Bob MacDonald: 3S – I have 17 points in support of spades. That must be worth an invitation to game
  • Nazmudin Rayani: 2N – V-D, J2N
  • Leo Resk: 3S – 3s invitational. Not good enough for a 4d splinter game force.
  • Sheldon Spier: 4D – 5 loser hand..I think clear at imps, but not too sure at MP where I want a +. Second choice is 3S..Pd May think I hav more HCP and get too high.
  • David Todd: 4D – 4D, splinter, should be good for us.
  • lionel Traverse: 3S – invitational game in S

Problem 5

  • Bob MacDonald: Multiple Bids – Let North choose one of the red suits.
  • Nazmudin Rayani: Double – put down 4C
  • Leo Resk: 5C – 5c should show a big 2 suited hand. Too good to overcall 4 hearts.
  • Sheldon Spier: 4N – 2suiter..should be D and H. I’ll raise either to 6.only problem is S lead as wrong sided.
  • David Todd: Double – 5C and convert spades to hearts, at the five level, how will partner ever divine I have two good spades.


NameTotal Score
Mort Nelson480
Name withheld480
David Buckman450
Deb Carnes450
Marlene Howell440
Russell Page440
ed blumenthal430
Sophie Watt430
Name withheld420
Louise Boudreau420
Scott Miller420
Van Buchanan410
Anthony Dason410
Name withheld400
Cliff Kindree400
elaine mauger400
Edmund Patterson400
sandra taylor400
David Todd400
Bree Watts400
Name withheld390
bill birney390
Gina Curran390
Rob Feldstein390
Leo Resk380
Name withheld370
Dick Dixon370
Jill Stainforth370
Name withheld360
Bob MacDonald360
Janette Magne360
Name withheld350
Sheldon Spier350
Name withheld340
Eleanor Calder340
Michael Cockerell340
James Macdonnell340
nancy baal330
Peter Lighthall330
glen thornborough330
lionel Traverse320
Name withheld310
Gail Richardson310
GRy Ros310
Russ Etherington300
John Miller300
Brenda Fox280
Duncan Smith280
Bob Cheeseman270
Tony Farr250
derek Nurse230
Nazmudin Rayani200
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