It’s Your Call May 2020 Results


We broke last month’s participation record with 54 players submitting results. 

Congratulations to Michael Hargreaves who won with an impressive score of 450 (out of a possible 500).  He receives a free game certificate, valid at local clubs, courtesy of Unit 431. A little patience might be in order before it can be used however.

All participants in the May game will be receiving a personalized email with their detailed scores within the next few days.

To see all results, scroll to the bottom of this page (after Comments).

If you would like to know how the experts bid on these deals, open the June 2020 Bridge Bulletin to page 40. The e-version should be available around June 3 (logon to MyACBL on ACBL’s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The June 2020 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members may participate.  Click here to play the current game.


If you want to reply or add your own comments, please send them to the webmaster. They will be added at the end of each problem in blue.

Problem 1

  • Rita Beny: 3H – I hope pd can bid 3nt. If they rebid C I will rebid my D
  • John Billett: 3H – asks partner to bid 3NT with heart stopper
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 2S – Partner did not negative double, but could still hold a hand with poor S’s and good C’s like T9xx,xx,x,AKQxxx or similar, moving the CK anywhere else. If not my D suit can always outbid his C’s.
  • Mike Hargreaves: 3H – matchpoints is a different game than imps. I’ll take my chances in 3N if he can bid it: if not, we’ll play game elsewhere. Slam needs a lot, and not in clubs where his strength rates to be
  • Bob MacDonald: 2S – This won’t be passed out, I have only 13 points. But there should be a game here.
  • Don Nemeth: 2S – introduce spades and give pard a chance to bid NT with heart stop
  • Jane Poole: 3D –
  • Leo Resk: 3H – Looking for 3nt if partner has a heart stopper or 4s if 3s is the response. If partner bids 4c rebid diamonds.
  • Sandra Taylor: 5D – with 8 + sure winners I wd bid game
  • David Todd: 5D – 3NT could work if P has a diamond.

Problem 2

  • Rita Beny: 6S – Hope we don’t miss 7
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 5H – I will raise 5S to 6S and correct 6C to 6D.
  • Linda Ellis: 5H – Rkc
  • Mike Hargreaves: 5N – 5N is a ‘no second choice’ call: it shows two places to play and forces him to pick a slam. Over 6C I bid 6D showing spades and diamonds.
  • Bob MacDonald: 4S – I am not going to get over excited, we could easily have 2 losers on this hand
  • Don Nemeth: 5H – over expected 6 clubs by partner, will bid 6 diamonds to show s/d 2 suiter. no room to find As, Ah, Kd
  • Nazmudin Rayani: Double – penalty
  • Leo Resk: 6S – Could miss 7 but hard to bid with the 4h interference.
  • Duncan Smith: 6S – 4NT if it were Blackwood

Problem 3

  • Rita Beny: 3C – If play in a red suit north will be subjected to a forcing defence
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 3C – What’s the problem? My S’s are too lousy for penalties or NT, my red suits too short to chirp, and my hand too good (barely) to pass. If partner has some 1=4=5=3 with garbage C’s he won’t be disappointed in my dummy when he pulls to 3D.
  • Mike Hargreaves: Pass – Partner’s double doesn’t promise extras: I’ll give him another chance by passing. Would bid 3C nv, but -200 is all too possible even undoubled. Picture x AJxx Axxxx Axx
  • Leo Resk: Pass – Not enough to go to the 3 level on a guess in clubs or diamonds. Hope to get a plus against 2s.
  • David Todd: 3C – Partner is making a normal reopening double, short in spades, we don’t have a stopper or a fourth heart or a penalty pass, , so 3C.

Problem 4

  • Rita Beny: 6S – I would have bid 3c cuebid on first round. With no second rd input from pd now I’m guessing Hopefully pd has one of my missing red kings
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 6S – Even if partner has an unlikely C card and happens to be missing a red K it rates to be in the lock.
  • Mike Hargreaves: 5S – I’d like double to be primarily offensive, but it simply says I want to defend. I don’t. Slam may be cold, but at mps, I am not risking it.
  • Leo Resk: 6S – Looks like red kings are onside, no wasted club values, and hope partner has at least AQxxx of spades. If there is no A or Q spade then partner may have ace club for the opening bid.
  • David Todd: 5S – It’s possible P has the right cards for slam, AQ of spades, King of hearts and diamonds, but not likely.

Problem 5

  • Rita Beny: Pass – I hope to lead my Singleton H and get defensive tricks
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: Double – It is not my style to open preempts with both an outside ace and a singleton, but since I apparently did so here it would behoove me to let partner know I have more defense than promised. Even if declarer in 3SX also has a stiff H my J will be promoted.
  • Mike Hargreaves: Double – partner not only has rights over this double: partner has obligations. I must have a spade card, short hearts, and a good hand in context. What could go wrong?
  • Jane Poole: Pass – Bad club suit.
  • Leo Resk: Pass – Only good thing about this hand is that I have 1 spade stopper for 3nt but clubs may not be running and I have no heart support so I have nothing more to say at this time.
  • David Todd: 3N – It’s now or never.


IYC May 2020 scores
NameTotal Score
Mike Hargreaves450
glen thornborough420
Name withheld400
John Miller400
susan breiddal380
David Todd380
Cliff Kindree370
Bob MacDonald360
Sophie Watt360
Russ Etherington350
Duncan Smith350
Name withheld340
Michael Cockerell340
Don Nemeth340
Gary Rosa340
Name withheld330
Ed Blumenthal330
Mike Dorn Wiss330
Sheldon Spier330
Name withheld320
denis johnston320
Sandra Taylor320
Name withheld310
Tony Dason310
Dick Dixon310
Peter Lighthall310
Leo Resk310
Mike Black300
Jon Gage290
Rita Beny280
Bree Watts280
Natalie Williams280
Mike Ainsley270
James Macdonnell270
Don Copeland260
Tony Farr260
Donna Miller260
John Billett250
Gina Curran250
Edmund Patterson250
Linda Ellis240
Joan McLeod240
C. Ann Brydon230
Deb Carnes230
mort nelson230
Rob Feldstein220
Janette Magne220
Name withheld200
Brenda Fox170
Name withheld160
Name withheld140
Marc Furnemont90
Bob Cheeseman70
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