It’s Your Call Monthly Winners

Page last updated: 2020-09-04

Average winning scoreover past 55 months455 (SD=30)
May 2021Don Copeland and Duncan Smith420
April 2021Michael Cockerell490
March 2021John Miller470
February 2021Sheldon Spier390
January 2021Don Copeland470
December 2020Don Copeland460
November 2020John Billett460
October 2020Glen Thornborough450
September 2020Mike Dorn Wiss470
August 2020Sophie Watt430
July 2020Bob MacDonald490
June 2020Mort Nelson480
May 2020Michael Hargreaves450
April 2020Don Copeland, Sheldon Spier and Bree Watts420
March, 2020Bill Gibson480
February, 2020John Miller460
January, 2020Ruth Davies470
December 2019Rob Bradford, Tom Braybrook and John Miller460
November 2019Mike Ainsley470
October 2019Bob MacDonald490
September 2019John Miller500
August 2019Janette Magne450
July 2019Jonathan Gage420
June 2019Bob MacDonald490
May 2019Don Copeland470
April 2019Sophie Watt and Bree Watts430
March 2019Don Copeland420
February 2019Michael Cockerell480
January 2019Alison Campbell440
December 2018Jack Campbell450
November 2018Michael Cockerell420
October 2018Ernie Tradewell470
September 2018Cliff Kindree380
August 2018Brenda Fox & Bryan Grover460
July 2018Bryan Grover460
June 2018Ann Brydon450
May 2018David Todd and James Macdonnell440
April 2018Name withheld by request490
March 2018Edmund Patterson430
February 2018Denis Johnston/John Miller440
January 2018Duncan Smith440
December 2017Name withheld by request450
November, 2017Duncan Smith450
October 2017Don Copeland and Tony Farr440
September 2017Name withheld by request360
August 2017Bob Cheeseman and Duncan Smith410
July 2017Audrey Mactier480
June 2017John Miller450
May 2017Russell Page and Bree Watts460
April 2017Name withheld by request450
March 2017Kaye Farmer500
February 2017Mike Hargreaves440
January 2017Daniel Lyder460
December 2016Bob Cheeseman500
November 2016Matt Smith and Bill Van Sickle500
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