It’s Your Call September 2020 Results

Thirty-eight players submitted results for September.

Mike Dorn Wiss, won handily with 470 points out of a possible 500. He receives a free game at VICTORIA CLUBS on BBO.

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The October 2020 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members may participate.  Click here to play the current game. 


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Problem 1

  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 4H – My 11 grew to 14 support points. Partner has one of the top spade honours. My intermediates are both working. This is an easy game acceptance.
  • Bob MacDonald: 3H – I would not have opened the hand so I certainly cannot accept an invitation and we’re better in hearts
  • David Todd: 3H – Game is not in the cards

Problem 2

  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 3H – Time to come alive; I could hardly have better values for partner opposite his stiff heart. I like to play that a cuebid promises a rebid unless partner bids game.
  • Bob MacDonald: 3H – Stopper and first round control in hearts and a club fit. Partner can place the hand.
  • David Todd: 3N – Game is in the cards.

Problem 3

  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 2N – With a maximum NT response (10-<12) and good intermediates this is worth a game opposite the reverse. Rather than a jump to 3NT the Ingberman 2NT allows opener room to rebid spades with a 5-6 or hearts with a 4-6, either of which I will raise to game in the major. After any other rebid including the “forced” 3C or 3D (showing extras) I will then bid 3NT.
  • Bob MacDonald: 3N – Opposite 17 points we should be in game. If partner is 6 4 I can stand 4H. Over a 4d cue bid I would say 4H
  • David Todd: 3N – Assuming this is stronger than 2NT, which is non forcing for many, or systemic.

Problem 4

  • Mike Dorn Wiss: Pass – It’s close, but partner can stand spade pumps better with his 6+ clubs than I can with his likely 3 hearts.
  • Bob MacDonald: 3H – No fit in either minor, no stopper in spades, partner is on his own, but the bid is forcing. New suit from a non-passed hand.
  • David Todd: 4S – Looking for J10 doubleton of spades for a combined stopper, routine.

Problem 5

  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 5N – Qx,Jxx,AKQJxx,Ax/ K,Txx,AKQJxx,Kxx/ Kx,xx,AKJTxx,AQx/ etc. etc. give a small slam a decent shot. A few perfectos like xx,Jx,AKQxxxx,Ax with a seven bagger will bring in all the tricks. 5NT forces to the small slam and invites the grand. Partner will know I have the major aces to invite and a good source of tricks in one major or the other, and will bid seven with an extra card in diamonds when he has the three tops and the club ace. There is no way this will be the popular choice.
  • mort nelson: 4C – gerber
  • Bob MacDonald: 4H – shows 6-5 or perhaps just 5-5. Could be a slam here.
  • Sandra Taylor: 4S – arrgghh – what a misfit


NameTotal Score
Mike Dorn Wiss470
Sheldon Spier420
Michael Ainsley390
Jon Gage390
Duncan Smith390
Don Copeland380
Cliff Kindree380
Roy Banner360
mort nelson360
Holly Boudreau340
Audrey Mactier330
Lynne Urner330
Name withheld320
Susan Breidal320
Eleanor Calder320
Bob MacDonald320
Jack Campbell310
John Miller310
Sandra Taylor310
Nazmudin Rayani300
Heather Davies280
Gary Rosa280
Janette Magne270
Michael Cockerell260
Joan McLeod260
Gay Miller260
Edmund Patterson260
Gayle Good240
King Lee240
Name withheld220
Delma Murray220
glen thornborough210
Bree Watts200
James Macdonnell190
tommy b180
Sophie Watt180
David Todd170
Ray Wickland140
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