It’s Your Call Victoria: top 2019 players

Our bidding game, strictly for Victorians, is fairly popular with Unit 431 players. So far in 2020, 112 of you have played it at least once. In 2019, the total number of players was 104.

We reward the monthly winner with a free game useable at one of the local virtual clubs. But what about those who do well throughout the year without coming in first? To recognize their achievement we have set up a scoring system, similar to what ACBL uses to give out masterpoints. Click here for an explanation of the scoring system.

Using the scoring system I have calculated overall scores for the past calendar year (2019). All 104 participants will be receiving their individual 2019 score in the next few days.

The top 10 scorers for 2019 are:

1Duncan Smith423.9
2John Miller422.1
3Don Copeland379.5
4Holly Boudreau361.1
5Michael Cockerell353.6
6Bob MacDonald351.2
7Gina Curran231.4
8David Todd227.2
9Janette Magne217.2
10Joan McLeod207.8

The next step will be to set up an ongoing leaderboard of top scorers as we progress through the current year. The leaderboard will be updated at the end of each month, starting with the September quiz.

Watch this space for further developments.

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