It’s Your Call, Victoria!

Page last updated: 2020-09-06

If you enjoy “It’s Your Call” in the Bridge Bulletin, here’s a way to compete against fellow Victoria area bridge players.

It works almost exactly as does the Bridge Bulletin version (accessed via your MyACBL login). The difference is that you submit your results on this page. After the award charts are published in the BB, we compile and rank results from Victoria Unit 431 players only (as determined by your ACBL number).

The list of participants and their scores are posted on the website. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish. If you participate more than once in a given month, only the last set of results will be used.

We’re adding some new features to our local version of ACBL’s bidding game. They can be accessed below, or, even more easily, from “It’s Your Call” in the top menu, available from any page on the website.


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