It’s Your Call August 2018 Results

We had 36 players participate in the August 2018 quiz. 

Congratulations to Brenda Fox and Bryan Grover who tied for first place, scoring 460 points (out of a possible 500). They each receive a free game, valid at local clubs, courtesy of Unit 431.

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If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the September 2018 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around September 1st (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The September 2018 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the September game.


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Problem 1

  • Roy Banner: 3D – should show values and tolerance for partners suit.. if no tolerance then pass.
  • David Todd: 3C – 3C, partner has a good hand to overcall 2H so I hope p has a spade stopper for 3nt, things could get ugly as pass may be the winner, we have enough that partner will make 2H AND ANY BID BY US COULD LEAD TO A MINUS, still, the game bonus for 3NT and 4H is worth pursuing.
  • Bob MacDonald: Pass – if west has bid weakly partner will bid again, otherwise west will bid again
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: Pass – Game is unlikely and I am neither a fan of bidding to hear my own voice nor playing poker at the bridge table.
  • Ernie Tradewell: Multiple bids – The smallest lie.

Problem 2

  • roy banner: 4D – can you set 3h on this hand? hard to do..
  • David Todd: Pass – Pass. I can only guess what is right, maybe 3H is our best spot
  • Bob MacDonald: 3S – can support either minor but should show spades just in case partner has 2
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 5D – East has not jumped to a H game so does not hold 5; therefore partner is likely to hold a dubby H more than a dubby S and I am not considering a S contract at all. My minor holding is platinum and even if partner holds the worst AQxxx(x),KJTxx(x) and there can be 3 top losers, in that case 5D is likely a good save.

Problem 3

  • roy banner: 4C – we should have a slam if we can communicate.. lets bid the 4th suit and see where we get to …
  • David Todd: 3N – 3NT, everyones favourite contract, we could have enough for a slam or game goes down.
  • Bob MacDonald: 4C – We should be in game, 3NT is not acceptable, partner can bid 4H and I will pass.
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 4C – With 17 opposite 10 to a bad 12 I’d like to be in a game somewhere despite the apparent misfit, but 3NT is not a likely game as it requires both a perfecto running H’s and also the SJx with the ace on my left for it to be an entry. With that H holding and the CQ partner would force to game, not invite. If partner has a one loser suit – AQJTxx or KQJTxx and a C quack he will rebid 4H and I am content. Further, he could still hold a 4 card C suit to the Q with a pointed J (or two) and 5C may be our spot. Also from his viewpoint my hand may be 4=x=y=z unbalanced with anywhere from 0-3 H’s and 4-7 D’s, so 4C patterns me out and shows the 5th D; now he may prefer a D contract with a 3 card fit as well. 4C covers the bases.

Problem 4

  • David Todd: 1N – 1NT. ok, 4 hearts to the 8 isn’t a stopper but it is only 1NT, no other bid is better
  • Bob MacDonald: 1N – Hate 4 rags as a stopper, but too many points to pass
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 1N – At the one level 8 fourth is enough of a “stopper”. I require a 4th D to bid 2H as a limit raise. Should 1NT get floated I’m happy, and should anybody bid at the 2 level I’ll be happy to support D’s later at the 3 level.

Problem 5

  • roy banner: 1H – pass any response, the auction should not be over yet.. W is sitting on S
  • David Todd: 2C – 2C. don’t want to bid the wrong 3 card major. 1NT is too much.
  • Bob MacDonald: 1N – must bid, refuse to choose a major with these rags
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 2C – Doh…


NameTotal Score
Brenda Fox460
Bryan Grover460
Name withheld440
Name withheld420
Edmund Patterson420
mort nelson420
denis johnston400
margot Northey380
Name withheld370
Bob Cheeseman370
roy banner360
Name withheld350
bill birney350
Bob Cheeseman350
Michael Cockerell350
Bree Watts340
Bob Coburn330
David Todd310
Bob MacDonald300
Jordan Tessarolo300
Tony Farr300
john miller290
Karen Billett280
Daniel Lyder260
Mike Dorn Wiss260
Rob Feldstein260
James Macdonnell250
Mike Black250
Ray Wickland250
Terry Foster240
Cliff Kindree230
Joanna Daam210
Name withheld200
tom b130
Ernie Tradewell110
Name withheld50

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