It’s Your Call February 2018 Results

36 Unit 431 members participated in the February 2018 quiz.

There was a 3-way tie for first place. Denis Johnston, John Miller and a person who wishes to remain anonymous each scored 440 points (out of a possible 500). To see all results, scroll to bottom of page (after Comments).

If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the March 2018 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around March 1st  (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox a week or two later.

The March 2018 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the March game.


Several players commented on the hands. Comments are grouped under each problem with the  authors identified by their initials: MB: Mike Black, DB: David Buckman, FS: Frank StanfordDS: Duncan Smith, DT: David Todd.

Problem 1

MB: Partner must be huge hand with no losers in hearts -I can support any other suit and have a good hand. Let him choose the slam
FS: 5D – I hate the doubeton hrt…can’t be confident that partner is void in the suit
DT: 5D – hope it makes

Problem 2

MB: Pass: I have nothing more to tell my partner -he may be able to raise spades but I can’t bid again
FS: Double: co-operative…trust partner to do something intelligent
DT: Double – lets teach them a lesson

Problem 3

MB: My hand is worth bidding only because of my length in the black suits. Partner is most likely is short in Hearts so will have support in 1 f my suits. With support my hand becomes worth 15+ pts. If I pass and he doubles I won’t be able to describe my hand. I’ll bid Michaels (Spades and a minor). If he doesn’t like spades he can ask for my minor by bidding 4N
DS: 4C – I play this as Michael’s , but would bid 4 Clubs anyway.
FS: will bid 4S over 4H by LHO
DT: Pass – four clubs showed clubs and the other major, then 4C

Problem 4

MB: partner must be 6-5 or 5-5 in the majors and prepared to play 3 hearts vul vs 3D. I have 1 trick and maybe a ruff. A mere suit preference bid isn’t enough. Let’s go for it!
DB: 4S – No diamond losers and strong C and H support, even if N has only 5 spades
DT: assuming partner has the Ace of spades and the King of hearts we can get a heart ruff, which may be overruffed, can’t see the minor suit Queens winning more than one trick, if partner has AQ10xx, KJ10xx, void, and AJ10 we are still a long way from making game. 3NT is out.

Problem 5

MB: Partner has a decent hand and no Diamonds. He thinks we are OK at 3 level Vulnerable vs a possible 110 score E/W. I have a better hand than he knows. He must have stoppers in Spades else where are his points. Let’s try 3NT
DB: 3N – Partner has ~ 10 points, which with the 5-card C suit makes 3NT promising
DT: 3N – easiest one of the bunch.

If you want to reply or add your own comments, please send them to the webmaster. They will be added at the end of each problem in blue.


NameTotal Score
denis johnston440
john miller440
Name withheld440
sheila kaye430
Tom Goodchild430
Bob Cheeseman420
Brenda Fox420
James Macdonnell420
bill birney400
Gary Rosa400
Louis Sandmaier400
Name withheld400
Tony Farr400
Debbie Wastle380
Name withheld380
Elaine Mauger370
Frank Stanford370
Name withheld370
David Todd360
Holly Boudreau360
Name withheld360
delmor christensen350
Bree Watts340
Audrey Mactier330
David Buckman320
glen thornborough320
Margot Northey320
Name withheld320
duncan smith300
Name withheld280
Eileen Lugossy230
mort nelson230
Edmund Patterson200
tom braybrook120
Mike Black80
derek Nurse60

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