It’s Your Call January 2018 Results

38 Unit 431 members participated in the January 2018 quiz.

Duncan Smith was once again the winner, this time with a total of 440 points (out of a possible 500). To see all results, scroll to bottom of page (after Comments).

If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the February 2018 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around February 1st  (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox a week or two later.

The February 2018 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the February game.


Several players commented on the hands. Comments are grouped under each problem with the four authors identified by their initials: MB: Mike Black, DB: David Buckman, DT: David Todd, MDW: Mike Dorn Wiss.

If you want to reply or add your own comments, please send them to the webmaster. They will be added at the end of each problem in blue.

Problem 1

MB: 3NT. They will lead diamonds and partner will surely have an honour among his many spades

DB: Double. Will likely bid H on next round, depending on response

DT: 4H. Double will lead to repeated spade bids by partner,

MDW: 3NT. Partner is marked with some S’s; if they happen to be three or four small ones and LHO has five runners in the suit I will pay off. 3H might get a 3S chirp from partner, allowing me to then rebid 3NT with no trepidation, but my hand seems too good for that. I’d like to Double; it’s not impossible that partner has a long C suit and little else and we’re gin for a slam in “Puppy Tracks”: xxx,xx,xx,AQxxxx. It’s more likely I may hear hir jump to 4S. In a club game on a party night I could intentionally make an insufficient 4H rebid and then correct to 4NT to bar partner from bidding (just kidding, those of you who have no sense of humour). Bottom line is that any action on this hand with involve guessing rather than reasoning, so I’ll go with Hambone on this one.

Problem 2

MB: 5S. They will surely bid hearts if I bid 4 spades given the vulnerability and may well cover if I wait to push on to 5. They may not be keen to cover if I go 5 immediately.

DT: 5C. My 2nd jump bid

MDW: 6S. A 5H control bid will accomplish little, even if partner were to emphasize the minors with 5NT; a 6C bid then leaves us open to a S ruff. Likely partner is missing one of the key controls between the SA, DA, and CAK, but if he does hold something ugly like Qxxx,xx,AQx,AJxx I’ll pay off to a likely losing hook into his partner’s hand. On the other hand if he holds a perfecto like Axxx,xx,AQx,AKJx I’ll pay off by missing the grand. I think 6S is simply practical.

Problem 3

MB: 7D. Except for possible spades partner has all the missing aces and 4+ clubs to the queen

DB: 6D. Trusting partner to bid 7 if they have both minor suit aces

DT: 5NT. Pick a slam or grand slam force, great bid if pard also has the Ace of diamonds.

MDW:6C. This should show a four card fit, as with five I would have preferred an initial Flower (Fit Jump) approach of 3D. (I like weak jump shifts like I like Trump.) With short C’s partner can correct to 6D easily enough. I doubt with partner’s wasted S values for his Double of 4S that we have the right cards for a grand with him also holding the DA and the CAQ(J).

Problem 4

MB: Pass. We have a Misfit. Let’s see what west does.

DT: 3S. I feel endplayed,can’t bid 2NT or 2S, or 3D, maybe 3D is best.

MDW:2S. How can it be wrong to bid where I live? A concentrated fragment like this will allow partner to make an intelligent advance. He has already denied four spades. 2NT will get him a raise to 3NT with my D filler, and 3C will get him a 3D push from me. I don’t see this as a difficult problem.

Problem 5

MB: 3D. Don’t let them play in 2 when they want to.

DT: Double. A balancing double immediately. How can this go wrong?

MDW:Double. As I have values in the top of an overcall range (10-17 at the two level) it would behoove me to let partner know that fact and that I wish to compete further. Likely partner holds four spades on the auction and may wish to go for blood. LHO likely has D’s as well for his negative double, so I have some concern that my DK may not be pulling full weight, but the T improves the suit for defensive purposes. There is no need to rebid my C suit. Partner can easily prefer back to it knowing it is both good and lengthy; I do not overcall vulnerable at IMPs on trashy suits. I am well placed to raise 2NT to game, and should partner have some convertible holding like ATxx,Txx,Qxx,Qxx and toss 3H at me I will have an easy 3NT rebid myself.


NameTotal Score
Duncan Smith440
David Todd410
Michael Cockerell400
Elaine Mauger390
Mike Dorn Wiss380
Tom Goodchild360
glen thornbobough350
tom braybrook350
Tony Farr350
john miller310
Name withheld310
Sheila Kaye310
David Buckman300
Name withheld300
Bob Cheeseman290
Heather Cozens290
Gary Rosa280
Margot Northey280
James Macdonnell270
Don Copeland260
Joanna Daam260
mort nelson260
Name withheld260
Name withheld260
Brenda Fox250
Name withheld230
Name withheld220
Name withheld220
Russell Page210
Brenda Jackson200
Name withheld200
Roxy Sandmaier200
Holly Boudreau180
Mike Black180
Bree Watts170
Heather Davies170
Name withheld160
Edmund Patterson150

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