It’s Your Call January 2019 Results

Participation was very good for the January 2019 quiz, with 50 players submitting results. 

Congratulations to Alison Campbell who won the event with a score of 440 points (out of a possible 500). She receives a free game, valid at local clubs, courtesy of Unit 431.

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If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the February 2019 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around February 3 (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The February 2019 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the February game.


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Problem 1

  • tommy b: 4S – Pard has a 1NT opener and a spade stopper – i want to show a strong hand with slam interest
  • bill birney: 4N – 4NT = slam invitation (in NT)
  • Mike Black: 4H – Partner should have a 1NT opening hand and at least 2 Hearts. The chance for 620 can’t be ignored
  • David Todd: 4H – 4H. Its a tossup between 3NT and 4H, if we have to knock out two aces in 3NT they could win the race, and 4H is likely to make even if pard has only two card support.
  • Lionel Traverse: 5C – I need to show strength and game in minor.

Problem 2

  • tommy b: Double – if i pass, pard will never believe i have an opener later – what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Mike Black: Pass – any bid would be misleading. Partner will balance if west passes.
  • David Buckman: Double – Will bid 1NT if partner calls spades
  • David Todd: 1H – 1H. Lead directional, not perfect.

Problem 3

  • tommy b: 3N – Pard could have passed, but bid 3C – must have some points – with double spade stop i bid 3N
  • Roy Banner: 3N – should have access to the board.. but will be a tough contract
  • Mike Black: 3H – It’s a 20 – 20 situation. If we were vul I’d bid the 4
  • David Todd: 3N – 3NT. Good to hear partner has values, and we have the spade stopper.

Problem 4

  • tommy b: 2H – Can’t rebid clubs or NT so i will reverse into hearts to show strength and see what pard says next.
  • Mike Black: 2H – Partner knows that a jump shift suit may not be full value.
  • James Macdonnell: 4N – A 5 Club response to Blackwood would allow South to sign off there, but a 5 Diamond or better would allow South to proceed to slam.
  • David Todd: 2H – 2H. 18 points and a 7 card suit must be enough opposite partners response. She could have the wrong hand, bidding 2H increases our chance of getting to the right strain, even if we get a bit too high opposite a misfit.

Problem 5

  • tommy b: 3N – why didn’t i open 1NT – it’s legal?
  • Mike Black: 1N – chances for game are low given my 4 only tricks, partner’s pass and our misfit. 1NT should be OK
  • David Todd: 2N – 2NT. Too much to bid 1NT, and 1S Doubled may make, we get 3 Aces and 2 trump and at least 1 more, our reward is small. There is a reason why people open these hands with 1NT, and usually a 4 card spade suit is a good enough reason to open 1D, the opponent


NameTotal Score
Alison Campbell440
Gina Curran420
duncan smith410
Name withheld400
Name withheld400
Holly Boudreau400
Tom Goodchild400
Michael Cockerell380
Brenda Fox370
Bree Watts370
Bob MacDonald360
John Miller360
Mike Black350
Janette Magne350
Gail Richardson350
Sophie Watt350
Elaine Mauger340
mort nelson340
Russell Page340
Jordan Tessarolo340
David Todd340
Name withheld330
Brenda Jackson320
Liz Pashak320
Edmund Patterson320
Name withheld310
tommy b310
David Buckman310
bryan grover310
Tony Farr300
denis johnston300
Roy Banner290
Diane Moffatt290
Don Copeland280
Heather Davies280
terry foster280
Gary Rosa280
Lynne Urner280
Name withheld260
Ray Wickland260
Lionel Traverse250
Name withheld230
Name withheld230
Eleanor Calder230
Jack Campbell210
Name withheld200
bill birney170
paul flanagan170
Ken Campbell150
James Macdonnell130

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