It’s Your Call March 2018 Results

38 Unit 431 members participated in the March 2018 quiz.

Congratulations to Edmund Patterson who won with 430 points (out of a possible 500). To see all results, scroll to the bottom of this page (after Comments).

If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the April 2018 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around April 1st  (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox a week or two later.

The April 2018 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the April game.


Several players commented on the hands. Comments are grouped under each problem with the  authors identified by their initials:  AC: Alison Campbell, DC: Delmor Christensen, JM: Jennifer Melville, RS: Roxy Sandmaier, FS: Frank Stanford,  MDW: Mike Dorn Wiss.

Problem 1

MDW: 5♣. If 4♣ were forcing I’d much prefer that, as partner could hold a “perfecto” such as x,x,Kxxx,AKQxxxx, but the opponents could just as easily be cashing the first two ♠’s off the top. Further, partner’s main suit could be broken: xx,x,KQxx.AQJxxx or he might hold x,Kx,Kxxx,AQJxxx and even game might go bait, so I think just bidding the game is the best percentage action.

Problem 2

AC: Pass. depends if playing inverted minors maybe

FS: Pass: How is this a problem?

MDW: 3♣. Preemptive. Especially at these colours this is a no-brainer. To respond at the one level constructively with a four card major and five HCP is fine, but in my opinion only if the five points includes a control – and ace or a king. To respond with a quackey nickel and no control is just bad bridge, unless in a preemptive sense with adequate length in the trump suit and appropriate vulnerability. This hand qualifies on both counts for that kind of action.

Problem 3

DC: 4D. partner pick game in di or club.

JM: 3H. Switched from 3D.

RS: 3C. We play inverted minors.

MDW: 4♥. Kickback for ♦’s. A splinter to 4♠ is a consideration, but is partner going to bid a grand with the appropriate nine or ten HCP’s: Axx,xxx,KQTxxx,x or Axx,xx,KQ(J)xxx,Qx etc. etc? Should partner respond 5♦ (2 with the Q) I’ll bid the grand myself. Over any other response I’ll rebid 5NT (pick a slam) in case partner is 5=3 in the minors.

Problem 4

JM: 2S. Switched from 2 spades and 2 clubs back to spades!

FS: 2NT. Spade suit is not good enough to jump to 3, but we have to show our strength.

MDW: 3♣. I don’t even see this as a problem. In standard expert bridge the 3♣ game forcing jump shift is suspect relative to length. Over three of anything red I’ll rebid 3♠, and over 3♠ raise myself to game. If partner holds a juiceburger ♠ limit raise with controls such as: Kxx,Axx,xxxx,Kxx or even a dubby ♠K with similar controls I would expect him to make a move. If I hear a raise to 4♣ partner will hold no worse than Kxxx in the suit; I’ll try 4♦and then 4♠ if I hear 4♥. If he rebids 4♠ I will tap. If has the ♦A and nothing in ♥’s we will still be able to stop in a Binsky 5♠.

Problem 5

JM: 5D. Not vulnerable

FS: Pass. Glad this is a matchpoint question. Might have to bid game at IMP’s

MDW: 5♦. Am I supposed to “prefer” to 4♥ with a dubby and this kind of ♦ holding? I don’t think so. Matchpoints or not I will bid a minor game holding two small in the opponent’s suit. If partner has something like Axx,AQTxx,Axxx,x I may end up paying off to the ♥ game.

If you want to reply or add your own comments, please send them to the webmaster. They will be added at the end of each problem in blue.


NameTotal Score
Edmund Patterson430
David Buckman390
glen thornborough390
Name withheld390
denis johnston370
tommy braybrook360
Michael Cockerell350
Name withheld350
Tony Farr340
Deb Carnes330
Frank Stanford330
Name withheld330
Gail Argatoff320
Name withheld320
Don Copeland310
Mike Dorn Wiss310
Name withheld310
Roxy Sandmaier310
Duncan Smith300
elaine mauger300
Name withheld300
Bob Cheeseman290
delmor christensen290
Name withheld290
Russell Page290
mort nelson280
Gary Rosa260
Jennifer Melville260
Name withheld260
Brenda Fox250
sheila kaye250
Louis Sandmaier240
Virginia Youens240
Name withheld230
Heather Davies220
Name withheld190
James Macdonnell180
Rob Feldstein60

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