It’s Your Call May 2018 Results

We had another good turnout for May with 47 players participating in the monthly quiz. 

Tied for first place were David Todd and James Macdonnell with 440 points (out of a possible 500). Each receives a free game, valid at local clubs, courtesy of Unit 431.

To see all results, scroll to the bottom of this page (after Comments).

If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the June 2018 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around June 1st  (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox a week later.

The June 2018 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the June game.


Several players commented on the hands. Comments are grouped under each problem with authors in alphabetical order.

If you want to reply or add your own comments, please send them to the webmaster. They will be added at the end of each problem in blue.

Problem 1

  • Mike Black: Pass – Partner has very little and I am very finessable.
  • Roy Banner: Double – lets see where the missing 5 hcp are.. if we can
  • tom braybrook: 5D – if you are going to sacrifice, do it early!
  • C.Ann Brydon: 3D – I couldnbÄt remove the pass. I want 3 Diamonds
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 2S – I would Double were the reds reversed, but here I can handle a 3C advance with a form of equal-level conversion.
  • denis johnston: Pass – I think I have a better chance to steal this contract if I wait till my next bid. W’s 2S will likely get passed around to me.
  • David Todd: 3D – 3D, a double with 5-5 in the reds would be ok, but these diamonds cry out to be bid,
  • Deb Wastle: Pass – I’ll double 2S and bid 3D over partners 3C. I will bid 4H over partners 3H.

Problem 2

  • Roy Banner: 2S – GF in effect now
  • tom braybrook: 2S – 4th suit force
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 3C – Support with support and bless the mighty Moysian. Should partner now show me three card H support I will bid game there. 3D gets a 3H rebid, 3S gets a burp back to C’s, and 3NT gets floated out. Should he toss a 4C “Blame Bid” back at me I’ll toss a 4D c
  • David Todd: 2N – 2S, 4th suit, at least we can right side no trump, if it is right, and find our 5-3 hearts and barring that, our 5-3 club fit, hard to imagine 11 tricks in clubs unless partner is 1-2-5-5

Problem 3

  • Roy Banner: 4N – just about the Key cards… maybe to high already
  • bill birney: 3S – 4S splinter
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 4H – “CGT” – Canadian Game Try
  • James MacDonnell: 4C – Sign off in 4H, if North responds either 4D or 4H. If he responds 4S (both missing aces) try 6C.
  • Duncan Smith: 4C – A heart raise , showing 6 excelent clubs & the values for 4H.
  • David Todd: 4C – 4C, showing a 6-4 hand, surely partner is on the same page

Problem 4

  • Roy Banner: 1N – would love to pass… but this should have play
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 1N – This is a no-brainer for me. Although 2NT is right on HCP it is ludicrous on the major non-stops. 1NT always guarantees at least 4+ C’s. If partner floats it I am thrilled, while I can handle any rebid he may make.
  • David Todd: 2C – 2C, what else? let us tell partner we have an opening bid,

Problem 5

  • Janette Magne: 4C – Gerber
  • Louis Sandmaier: 4C – Ace asking
  • Duncan Smith: 3N – Partner’s inferred heart length = short diamonds = no slam.
  • David Todd: 3S – 3S, completing our pattern, 3-4-5-1, will raise 3NT to 4, need I say 3S is forcing.
  • Mike Dorn Wiss: 3S – Since 2H was an artificial game force I must “pattern out” so that partner gets the complete picture. He will be well positioned to place the contract. AKxx,x,Kxx,Axxxx is magic. Then again, if he knows that 2H was artificial why the hell is he showing a H stopper he cannot have?


NameTotal Score
David Todd440
James MacDonnell440
Duncan Smith430
john miller430
Name withheld430
denis johnston420
Edmund Patterson400
Name withheld400
Name withheld400
Name withheld390
Name withheld390
Bob MacDonald380
Mike Dorn Wiss380
Gina Curran360
Name withheld360
Deb Carnes340
Jack Campbell340
Deb Wastle330
Name not entered320
MIke Black320
Name withheld320
Bree Watts310
Michael Cockerell310
terry foster310
bill birney300
Name withheld300
Name withheld300
Gail Argatoff290
Margot Northey290
Name withheld290
Roy Banner290
Dan Proznik280
Gary Rosa280
mort nelson280
Name withheld280
elaine mauger270
Kay Kerr260
Name withheld260
Cliff Kindree240
Joanna Daam240
Brenda Fox230
Eileen Lugossy220
Name withheld190
David Buckman170
tom braybrook170
Louis Sandmaier160
Name withheld130

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