It’s Your Call November 2018 Results

We had 35 players participating in the November 2018 quiz. 

Congratulations to Michael Cockerell who won the event with a score of 420 points (out of a possible 500). He receives a free game, valid at local clubs, courtesy of Unit 431.

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If you would like to see what the experts bid on these deals, look in the December 2018 Bridge Bulletin (page 40). The e-version should be available around December 1st (logon to MyACBL on ACBL‘s website). The print edition usually arrives in your mailbox during the first week of the month.

The December 2018 edition of It’s Your Call, Victoria is now posted on the website. All Unit 431 members in good standing may participate.  Click here to play the December game.


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Problem 1

  • Alison Campbell: 2H – a little thin for a reverse, but I see no other reasonable bid
  • David Todd:  2D- I had already written a long explanation of why I would bid 2H, and I realized it would solve nothing. We will lie about the 6th diamond, and hope the 15th point compensates. 2H and 2/3S are more of a lie and will too often get us to the wrong spot.

Problem 2

  • Lou Sandmaier: 4H – 2 clubs by North is drury
  • David Todd: 2N – 2NT. partner is torturing us today, hope to survive, passing could be right but I can overcall 1H on less than this.

Problem 3

  • David Todd: 5D. hoping they bid 5H, we might beat 4H but it seems unlikely, partner will lose a spade, a club and maybe a diamond, so 5D is close, who has spades, is east 5-5 in the majors? we may make 6D if partner has 7 very good diamonds and the club finesse is on, are we worth a 4NT bid to try to show this hand? more questions than answers. it would be easier if hearts and spades were reversed.

Problem 4

  • David Todd: 1C – 1C. What is the problem? 2C then 2NT to show 22 points? I think not.
  • Eleanor Calder: 2C – Strong 2club opener

Problem 5 : (The question was whether or not to pass East’s 2H bid)

  • Michael Cockerell: 3C – No.
  • mort nelson: 3D – no
  • David Buckman: 3C – Yes, to give partner time to give suit preference. Dbl passes the buck back. If partner has 4 clubs (as well as 4 spades and a heart stopper) 3N vulnerable game should be in reach
  • Gail Sinclair: 3C – No. I would have bid 3 diamonds.
  • mike black: 3D – yes
  • Alison Campbell: 3D – yes – might have passed the double by N if EW were vulnerable
  • Rob Feldstein: 3D – No
  • denis johnston: 3D – no
  • bill Birney: 3C – Yes, indicating real diamond suit and lack of interest in spades.
  • dick vission: 3C – no
  • Tony Farr: 3N – no
  • duncan smith: Pass – wouldn’t have passed 2H
  • Holly Boudreau: No bid – No
  • Roy Wood: 3C – yes
  • Liz Pashak: 3D – No
  • Gina Curran: 3C – no I would not pass 2H
  • Bryan Grover: 4S – NO . I would probably double 2H
  • Brenda Fox: 3D – No
  • Don Copeland: 3H – No
  • ruth davies: Pass – yes
  • Lou Sandmaier: 3N – No I would have bid 3 diamonds
  • Roxy Sandmaier : Pass – Yes
  • Joan mcLeod: 3C – No
  • Sophie Watt: 5D – No
  • paul flanagan: 4D – no
  • David Todd: Yes. Pass. how long did partner take to double? we could be fixed no matter what we bid, partner does have a penalty double, I have defense, so pass and lead a diamond. There is a mantra that says double and lead trump, but we don’t have a trump. it is disquieting that East seems to like his hand for hearts, but, it is still a penalty double and I/we have no idea how to get to a better spot, if there is one.
  • James Macdonnell: 3D – No. I would have bid 3 diamonds instead of passing.
  • Glen Thornborough: 5C – no


NameTotal Score
Michael Cockerell420
Name withheld415
mort nelson415
Name withheld400
David Buckman400
Rob Feldstein395
Name withheld395
mike black395
John Miller395
denis johnston395
dick vission380
bill Birney380
Tony Farr375
duncan smith365
Name withheld360
Holly Boudreau360
Elaine Mauger360
Kenneth Campbell355
Liz Pashak335
Gina Curran320
Bryan Grover320
Bree Watts320
Brenda Fox315
Don Copeland310
ruth davies295
Name withheld295
Roxy Sandmaier285
Joan mcLeod280
Name withheld240
paul flanagan200
David Todd200
Name withheld195
James Macdonnell175
Glen Thornborough140

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