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Page last updated: 2021-04-21

Every monthly IYC winner receives a free game useable at one of the local virtual clubs. But what about those who do well throughout the year without ever coming in first? To recognize their achievement we have set up a scoring system, similar to what ACBL uses to give out masterpoints. Click here for an explanation of the scoring system.

Our scoring system allows us to set up a leaderboard, showing the top 10 players as the year progresses.  The leaderboard is updated monthly.

Top 10 scorers for 2021 (as of April)

1Don Copeland217.4---
2Jonathan Gage204.6↑ by 1
3John Miller204.5↓ by 1
4Michael Cockerell202.5↑ by 3
5sheldon spier155.1↓ by 1
6Shelley Burnham128.8new
7Janette Magne123.0new
8Lorraine Smith113.5new
9Bob MacDonald107.1new
10Deb Carnes91.9new

Top 10 scorers for 2020 (Final)

1John Miller550.7
2Sheldon Spier524.3
3Don Copeland381.4↑ by 5
4Bob MacDonald375.5
5Duncan Smith313.8↑ by 2
6Glen Thornborough311.9↓ by 3
7Dick Vission296.1↓ by 2
8Gayle Good272.6↓ by 2
9David Todd223.7
10Sophie Watt198.7
*Change in position from prev month

Top 10 scorers for 2019 

1Duncan Smith423.9
2John Miller422.1
3Don Copeland379.5
4Holly Boudreau361.1
5Michael Cockerell353.6
6Bob MacDonald351.2
7Gina Curran231.4
8David Todd227.2
9Janette Magne217.2
10Joan McLeod207.8

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