IYC Scoring System

We already celebrate the monthly winner for It’s Your Call, Victoria! Our new (August 2020) scoring system is designed to recognize people who do consistently well over the year, without necessarily coming in first in any given month.

This system, somewhat similar to ACBL master points, is based on performance for each monthly game. It was devised 10 years ago by Brad Bart, a top Vancouver player who has also been running a similar game (he calls it TGIF) for Vancouver area players.

To summarize, a monthly list of top players is created. The length of the list is the top 1/4 of the field or the top 10, whichever is larger, including any ties. The top award is 3.5 times the number of participants. Second place receives 75% of the top award; third place 50%; fourth place 35%; fifth gets one-fifth; sixth gets one-sixth; and so on. Ties split the award with the rank(s) below.

Additionally, points are awarded to players who do well on individual problems but do not receive an overall award. In a given month, for each problem with a score of 100 points, a player is awarded 1.50; for problems with scores between 60 and 90 points, the award is 0.50.

Details of the scoring system can be found on Brad Bart’s website. And a worked-out example is shown below.

Scoring system hypothetical example:

Let’s say 48 people submitted results in a particular month. The winner receives 168 (3.5*48) points. Second place gets 126 (75%). There is a tie for third place giving the next two participants 71.4 each. Tenth place gets 16.8. A participant not in the top players and whose score for the 5 problems is respectively 100, 30, 50, 70 and 60 gets 2.5 points.


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