IYC Instructions

Instructions for playing It’s Your Call, Victoria

Our local version of It’s Your Call is in fact identical to the one in the Bridge Bulletin. The only difference is that rather than competing against potentially 100 000 ACBL members, your opponents are all from Unit 431 (Victoria and the Gulf Islands). And there are 517 of us. So your chances of winning are a lot better.

Results will be posted on our website (bridgevictoria.ca) a couple of days after the solutions are published in the Bridge Bulletin. In addition to bragging rights, the winner will receive a prize, e.g., a free play at one of the local clubs, or perhaps an HB pencil or a hard candy if we can’t find a sponsor.

How to fill in the form:

Start by entering your name, email, and ACBL number (this field is mandatory and used to verify you are indeed a Unit 431 member). You don’t have to input your name and email but then we’ll never be able to get back to you. If you don’t want your name shown when we publish the results, just check the button next to “

Now for the nitty-gritty:

Underneath each of the 5 bidding problems, you have the equivalent of a bidding box. If you’re bidding a suit or NT, click the box at the intersection of the suit/strain name (C,D,H,S, NT) and level (1-7). If you want to pass, double or redouble, click on the corresponding button below. Do note that, if so inclined, you can click on several boxes. This won’t do you any good though, as your score for that hand will be set to zero.

Once you’ve entered bids for the five problems, click the Submit button and you’re done. You should receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes.

You can submit new results up to the posted deadline. If you do submit multiple results, we will only consider the last set, and all the previous ones will be deleted.

If you’re still uncertain of how to go about it, please email the webmaster for further instructions.

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