Website Quiz Results

Here are the results for our website quiz, held between July 26 and August 1, 2020.

Participation: 17 Unit 431 members (out of 525)

  • First (BBO$20): Tony Farr (15/15)
  • Second (BBO$10): Judy Irwin (14/15)
  • Third (BBO$5): Terry Foster (14/15)

Note: Four players actually tied for second place. As specified in the contest rules, a random draw was held among these four to determine second and third place prize winners.

Distribution of results:













Number of correct answers for each question:












  Website Quiz: Questions and Answers
1Q:Who is the Unit's president?
A:Shelley Burnham
2Q:How many bridge teachers are there in Victoria?
3Q:How many new Silver Life Masters in 2020 (as of today)
4Q:Who edits the Bridge Buzz?
A:Nev Hircock
5Q:How many weekly VICTORIA CLUBS open games are available on BBO?
A:10 (note that the question asks for open games)
6Q:How many members are there in Unit 431?
7Q:Robbie Robinson passed away earlier this year. On what date?
8Q:Who won the 2019 Mini-McKenney in the 50-100 category?
A:Madeleine Tremblay
9Q:Our monthly bidding game is reserved for Victoria players. Under which heading can you find it?
10Q:Where can you register your BBO handle to share with local players?
11Q:Who won It's Your Call, Victoria! 5 times over the past 4 years?
A:John Miller
12Q:How do you contact the Unit mentor game organizers?
13Q:When was the treasurer's job description last updated?
14Q:Which best describes Unit 431's catchment area?
A:Victoria and Gulf Islands
15Q:When is the next on-line Unit mentor game?


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