October It’s Your Call results are in!

We had  41 players submitting results this month. 

Glen Thornborough won with a respectable 450 points out of a possible 500. He receives a free game at VICTORIA CLUBS on BBO. 

All participants in the October game will be receiving a personalized email with their detailed scores.

Our new scoring system shows who’s doing well during the year. The leaderboard, which includes the top 10 players is updated monthly. It’s a horse race, with the first two players again switching places this month. And several others are hot on their heels. Two more months to go before we crown the winner for 2020! Click here to find out more.

Find the complete list of participants and scores under IYC Monthly Results in the It’s Your Call section at the top of the page. For quicker access, follow this link. You can also check comments from participants and even add your own!

To check out the November 2020 quiz, either click here, or hover your mouse over It’s Your Call (at top of page) to see a pull-down menu of choices.

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