Penticton Regional

Penticton ‘19  

reported by Jill Stainforth

About five dozen Victorians flew or drove to Penticton this year to compete in the Regional and two of our directors, Matt and Roy, officiated. 

The competition was impressive:  our top five results fell between the 69th and 114th places of the 1386 who won points over the seven-day event. 

Players love the Penticton event and travelled there from all over the States and Canada.  It’s a beautiful area with no city stress.  Restaurants in town are great and varied and minutes away are the Naramata and Skaha area wineries with stunning restaurants.

Among the notable results:

  • The team of Michael Hargreaves (Victoria), Dan Jacob, Gordon McOrmond and Ken Scholes won their Tuesday-Wednesday KO (Knock-Out) bracket for 30.43 mps;
  • Roxy and Lou Sandmaier (Victoria) with Karen Rise and Nobi Morris were runners up in their bracket in the same KOs for 11.81 mps;
  • Gerry McCully and Rhonda Foster (Victoria) came 5th in A in the Wednesday Open Pairs for 11.62 mps;
  • Terry Foster (Victoria) and Wayne Stann came 13th in A in the Thursday Open Pairs for 11.54 mps;
  • The team of Mel Zimmerman, Lorna Smith, Brenda Wilson  (Victoria) and Bill Brand came 2nd in the Thursday evening Swiss for 9.38 gold;
  • Susan Jobbins and Joan Geber, both from Victoria and new to ACBL, got gold points in the Friday afternoon pairs and in the Saturday evening pairs;
  • The team of Donald Berry, David Reid, Jill Stainforth (Victoria) and Lorenzo Migliorini were runners up in their Thurs-Fri KO bracket for 15.32 mps;
  • Relative newcomers Jill Plasteras and Mark Raymond along with Shelley Burnham and Ev Goedhart, all of Victoria, placed 3rd in their Thu-Fri KO bracket;
  • The team of Roy Stefaniec, John Keech (Victoria) and Doreen McOrmond and Kathy Bye won the Friday evening Swiss for 11.95 mps;
  • Duncan Smith and Debbie Mineault came 3rd in A in the Friday Open Pairs for 19.13mps;
  • Ernie Tradewell and Don Copeland came 5th in the Saturday side game;
  • Burton and Kinga Voorhees won gold coming 1st in C in the Saturday Open Pairs;
  • The team of Rita Beny, Nev Hircock, Danielle Goulet and Tony Farr got 10 mps tying for 4th in the Fri-Sat KOs;
  • The team of Russ Page, Ian Kimmerly (Victoria) and Sylvia and Terry Nazar came 2nd in their Fri-Sat KO bracket for 8.27 mps;
  • In the Sunday Swiss, the best Victoria result was achieved by the team of Ewa Zwicky and Andrea Miller with Bruce McIntyre and Roberta McIlwain, coming 3rd in X.
  • The team of Debbie Mineault, Jill Stokes, Duncan Smith and Aline Vance placed 2nd in B in the Senior Swiss.  (Senior has nothing to do with age here.)

Congratulations to all!

Detailed results are available on Bruce McIntyre’s Penticton Online Bulletins.

Please note that next year’s dates for the Penticton Regional are June 15-20, a little later than usual.


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