Online bridge etiquette

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed some changes in our sidebar bridge etiquette column.

The suggestions are now more relevant to online playing.

As Paul Linxwiler aptly noted in his November 2020 Bridge Bulletin editorial, slow play online is the most common topic of complaint from Bridge Bulletin readers.  Accordingly, several bullet points address aspects of this topic.

Enjoy and keep on playing online… in tempo!

And if you have any word of wisdom you’d like us to add to our etiquette column, please send it via the Contact Us button.





A successful CNIB fundraiser

Thank you all Victoria bridge players who participated in CNIB’s fundraising bridge game, Bridging Barriers Charity Game, a couple of weeks ago. You really made a difference as you can see from the following numbers.

There were 150 participants between the online auction and bridge game. Of these, 55 played in the bridge game.

The total number of players who were based on Vancouver Island was 36, with 20 from Victoria specifically.

Overall, the event raised $10,790.00. For more information on CNIB’s program, follow this link.

Well done, everyone!

New masterpoint ranks for February

At the start of each month, we receive from ACBL the list of new masterpoint rank holders for the previous month. 

You can find all of the February 2021 honourees on our Masterpoint Milestones page, located under “Members” in the top menu of Unit 431’s website,

And if you have any question or comment, just click on the “Contact Us” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

It’s Your Call February Results

Thirty-six  players submitted results for February. Congratulations to Sheldon Spier who won with 390 points out of a possible 500. He receives a free game at VICTORIA CLUBS on BBO.

Find the complete list of participants and scores under IYC Monthly Results in the It’s Your Call section at the top of the page. For quicker access, follow this link. You can also check comments from participants and even add your own!

To check out the March 2021 quiz, either click here, or hover your mouse over It’s Your Call (at top of page) to see a pull-down menu of choices.

Hollywood Magic casts its spell on Victoria players

Congratulations to the follow Unit 431 players whose names are in lights on the ACBL website for placing in the Hollywood Magic Regional Tournament Overalls, held February 18 to 21, on BBO.

  • Terry Foster played with Jeffrey Stead from West Virginia, placing 1st in C and 2nd in B in the Back Lot Mid-Flight Pairs, for 18.17 gold masterpoints.
  • Catherine Mustafa and Jim Greening placed 2nd overall in the Golden Age Gold Rush Pairs, for 12.95 gold masterpoints.
  • Farhad Rohani placed in the Prop Manager Side-Game Series Overalls, winning 8.27 gold/red masterpoints, and placed in the Stunt Doubles Side Game Series for another 3.03 gold/red.
  • In the Golden Lights Gold Rush Pairs, Gina Curran and Janice Closson won 1.53 gold. Mark Raymond and Madeleine Tremblay got 1.81 red.
  • In the Golden Age Gold Rush Pairs, Gina Curran and Jill Plasteras won 1.59 gold.
  • Deborah Stewart and Jo Albinati placed in the Chocolate Raisin 499ers, winning 3.66 red masterpoints.
  • Anne-Marie Miller and Scott Miller placed in the Chocolate Raisin 499ers Pairs, winning .92 red masterpoints.
  • Gillian Mouat and Nigel Williamson placed in the Chocolate Raisin 499ers Pairs, for .58 red masterpoints.
  • Christie Ulmer and Gail Maier placed in the Popcorn 99ers Paris, winning .92 red points.

Let us know of any other notable results we might have missed at this tournament or in other games!

Updated Milestones

We update our website regularly to reflect changes in the local bridge scene.

For example, at the beginning of each month, we publish new Masterpoint Milestones, celebrating Victoria players who have reached new Masterpoint ranks.

Our bidding quiz, It’s Your Call, Victoria is updated monthly. The current quiz runs until February 20. Click here to play!

Sadly, we also need to occasionally update our In Memoriam page. Three Victoria players passed away recently. You can access obituaries here.

And if you have any news you would like to share with the local bridge community, please feel free to send us your item, via the “Contact Us” button found at the upper right corner of the page.



CNIB Bridging Barriers Charity Bridge Game

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind is putting on a fundraising bridge game, Bridging Barriers Charity Game. Here’s a chance to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying your favourite game.

Game information

The Grand Prize!
  1. Where: on BBO
  2. When:  Sunday, March 7, 2021 from 10:00AM -12:30PM (PST)
  3. Format: 18 boards, stratified A/B/C (point ranges to be announced).
  4. ACBL Club Championship rating points (2X the normal club black points).
  5. The game will be run through Island Bridge Club, with Roy Stefaniec directing.
  6. Prizes will be awarded to top E/W – N/S scores for all three strats.
  7. Grand Prize – a 38” strand of pearls donated by Stones Jewellry, valued at $1195.
  8. The winner will be announced on game day, Sunday, March 7 at 9:55 am.

The cost is $50, eligible for an income tax receipt for the whole amount.
(Please disregard previous information stating receipt was for $35.)

Specific instructions:

  1. Choose your partner (you must have a partner to play with, but register individually, to receive your tax receipt)
  2. Have your BBO username (handle) ready before you pre-register (required field).
  3. Pre-register through this link:
  4. Game day: log onto BBO between 9:00-9:30 am on Sunday, March 7.
  5. Select Challenge then All Tournaments. Type CNIB into the SEARCH field in the top right-hand corner.
  6. Click on CNIB and you will be placed at a table, one partner invites the other and you are ready to play!
  7. Draw for the Grand Prize takes place at 9:55 am, just before the game starts. Only players are eligible to win.
  8. If you have trouble logging on at game day, contact Roy Stefaniec at 250 812-1615.

Upcoming Unit 431 AGM

The Unit 431 Board of Directors will hold the annual AGM on Sunday, February 28, 2021, at 3pm, by Zoom. This allows time for the Sunday mentor game to complete, and for players to log on to the AGM.

Instructions for joining the meeting will be sent to all members several days in advance of the AGM, along with an agenda and an information package, so members can review reports from the Board and the slate of candidates for election to Board vacancies. Nominations will close at the AGM.

A quorum of 20 members is needed to conduct business such as the election of Board members and approval of the financial report. We hope you can attend. We plan to keep the meeting to approximately 30 minutes.

Thank you,

ACBL Unit 431 Board of Directors

ACBL Unit 431, Victoria